Outsider: "Young Gods of Na Sionna "

Mastermind of the Outsider, Sean Corcoran has a brand new release entitled "Young Gods of Na Sionna", a tribute to his hero Bruce Springsteen. 

Sean who has become a personal friend is one of the major indie musical heroes of Ireland. His songs delve deep into the subjects he writes about and his music represents the light,  the darkness, the truth, and the sensibility of what I've found Irish music to be about during a recent trip to Dublin. 

No doubt Dublin has the friendliest people on the planet, and some of the most talented artists as well. The Outsider is a true representative of just that.

Your new release will be unveiled to the world shortly, please tell us the title and the inspiration behind it.

My new release is called "Young Gods of Na Sionna."

"Young Gods of Na Sionna
is a direct homage to Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the dark." That song was a soundtrack to my life. I started to understand how steeped self-loathing the lyrics were over time. That song got me through some dark days. 

Does it have a message that your trying to get out there to the world?

''I wrote 'Young Gods' about a river in Ireland where a lot of suicide happened during the economic crisis... but ya know I realized deep down it was about my own suicide attempt when I was 19. I realized I was not mentioning it because of fear. What people might think of me. 

My friends, my family, my parents who do not even know about it. The lines 'You know I didn't think that, I didn’t think of anything, I thought of love' are based on my thoughts the seconds before I was about to go through with it. I actually hate talking about this. It is a dark feeling but I realized artists who write about suicide etc. and don't mention their own experiences, can fall short of the mark''. 

"I hope it helps some kid that I am saying this, ya know. Bruce really gave everything. Music is really that powerful, and Dancing in the Dark was that place I could to go to be understood".

You seem like an old soul, personally as well as musically. What's your view point on that?

I think I am a romantic artist and the past can be romanticized very easily. I googled 'old soul' and you pretty much hit the nail on the head. You are very perceptive. I try my best to fit in with my generation but its tough. The old stuff is the best though and everything is just constantly being rewoven through the centuries. Like Salvador Dali recreating the 'Madonna and child' painting. I love that painting. I think I need to work with some who is a new soul so, that might be a good thing for me. I think my producer ATLAS is that person.

How has music enriched or changed your life?

I wish I was a politician or investment banker sometimes haha ........but music is part of my life force. I am a very very lost spirit without it. I don't have a choice anyway. I think that’s what the writer of 'Gods gonna cut you down means when they says 'John go do my will'. You must find a way to do the thing you love or wither without it.

Do you believe that music can change the world, and if so which one of your songs would you pick to do so and why?

This is a beautiful question.

Yes. I believe it is the most powerful natural stimulant in the world, in a spiritual sense... and not like a huge hit of weed or cocaine, I know they are natural but I mean music is very good for everyone. its always there for you. I think thats why it is so important.

It is very hard to pick one of my songs, I would say my whole first EP has a message for everyone about the death of the ego, the rebirth of the spirit, and basically finding heaven within yourself when hell is raging outside. I would say listen to 'Iosa chroi'. It has it all really, the lyrics are phenomenal!

Describe the music scene in Dublin.

It’s very busy! Loads of bands and it is improving all the time. I am an Outsider to the scene to be honest. If you are talking about the music then it’s a cool place to be, if you are talking about the 'scene' it can be quite incestuous. My bandmate's tell me about a hardcore scene in Dublin that sounds great. Bands all playing the same style, to the same fans, a whole community supporting each other. Metal scenes are incredible in Ireland. To be honest I have very little interest in any scenes, like you said I am an old soul and as my name dictates I am an Outsider, I close my eyes and ears to a lot everyone else, I close my eyes to them.. Unless I want to have a good ole rant haha which I am partial to. I believe in being good to people... so I love the idea of scene even if I am outsider to it but I imagine it requires unshakable honesty and loyalty.

The music industry's most rare and valuable qualities.

When you write a song, which comes first the lyrics or the music?Recently its the melody! I just feel it out. Then come the lyrics which I am becoming less and less rigid with, but I love lyrics so sometimes I will take months to finish them.

Any new projects on the horizon?Yes! My new EP! New music, New music, New music, Songs, Songs, Songs, that is all I care about. Like I said to you before.. I see myself in stadiums, I don't see myself doing small venue tours. So I have no interest in that. I will make huge songs, people will connect with them and I will tour major venues. It's where my music belongs.

Thank you Eileen, I always enjoy your interviews. You are a very kind soul and a hopeless romantic haha…..


Written by Eileen Shapiro

I work with Jimmy Star and am a NY Times best selling author and rock star journalist....currently write for Get Out Mag, PureM, Classic Pop, Huffington Post, and several others....I write pop culture interviews with well established talent and up and coming great talent...look forward to working with you....



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