David Shane - Shooting Star” ft. Demari Thompson (4K)nt Item

David Shane - Shooting Star” ft. Demari Thompson (4K)


David Shane mixes the right amount of rap into his pop, rock and soul music on “Shooting Star” ft. Demari Thompson (4K) by joining with the right forces to define it as such and come out with a hit video. Demari Thompson (4K) is what puts the icing on the cake for this track and that is why David Shane is going place and not skipping a step in the process. Shane released his first album when he was 13 and recently recorded with Los Angeles music producer/engineer Hagay Mizrahi of Gemini Musiq & Taylor Sparks, whose credits include Justin Bieber, Fifth Harmony, Meghan Trainor, Jason Derulo, Snoop Dogg & Post Malone.

Headed up the ladder with vast speed isn’t what it seems, it takes a lot of works behind the scenes, and David Shane appears to be making all the right moves to get to the top of the pop music world. But the native Arizona has also been writing songs for The Arizona Native has also been busy writing songs for such well-known publishing companies as Universal Music Group/FirstCom, Crucial Music, Music Supervisor and JC3 Publishing. And his original music has been heard on Mainstream Television Shows (including HeartLand, Home And Away, American Rehab), Movies, College Radio Stations and other Media Platforms.

This single ranges from young to older audiences, but David Shane’s primary demographic is centered in pop radio, so it delivers more to younger audiences and his own growing fan base. When you put the two together, he’s been heard by the masses already and this track caters to it, young or old. If you go out to shows, you’ll see more and more of a mix in the crowd these days. But to be honest, this hits home with the younger crowds more than anything. But it also goes to show it can impress adult contemporary listeners too. Either way you slice it, David Shane brings it with an undeniable freshness of his own.

If you were to only hear the song, it would still be fantastic, but video singles are becoming the new thing of the day and it reaches for the same goals to get to the people. Just kicking back to the groove of the music is all you really need, and that’s not to put video behind, it’s just that the music does most of the talking anyway. This is a song anyone can like if there’s no TV screens around, as much as if there is. It stands on its own two feet, with or without video production qualities. I feel it worth my two bits to let that be known, but it’s the total package here that really wins the shiny object prize. I just recommend it in order.

The promo video was done on a good budget and features some great scenes between Shane, Thompson and a stuffy suit who counts his money as they drive off into the sunset without him. A classic depiction of how early success works and always has in the music industry. They do this like stepping right out of the old major label twilight zone and into the DIY world, where you lay your foundations by yourself now. They tell it like it is by pointing out who makes who. And Demari Thompson (4K) is the right choice to have on this single, which his role in the video and proves a must hear and see from a true pop artist.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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