Christian Heath “One”


Christian Heath  “One”   




I will have to say I was pleasantly surprised when listening to the new EP from Johannesburg based pop artist Christian Heath.  I was unfamiliar with his music, and will now be a fan forever. It is very difficult to release really great pop music, and many fail at the attempt, but Heath’s latest project “One” is a collection of pop, soul and Latin hits that flow together in the smoothest and most enjoyable way possible.  


“One” is the first EP released by Christian Heath as a solo artist, formerly of The Christian Heath Band, and is reminiscent of the break-up of N-Sync, the wildly popular boy band left in the dust when singer Justin Timberlake went solo. With his charming good looks, amazing vocal ability and some really great new tunes, Christian Heath is poised  for pop music stardom, and ready to conquer the international landscape of the music world.  


The six song EP “One” features songs for everyone, most with a twist of romance and all with flair whether it be a ballad, or something uptempo for you to listen to as you get your groove on.  


All of the six songs on the EP are actually very good. Heath sings with emotion and feeling about topics that are universally identifiable. The standout track is the hit single “One”  featuring rapper INFIDELIX, where Heath sings about making the world a better place to live for everyone. A very cool idea and the song might actually make people listen. It’s that good. The songs lyrical content is of promoting human unity is admirable, and is also very radio friendly. 


I am also a big fan of the single “Paradise”  which is about spending time with the one you love. It is also very radio friendly, Heath’s vocals are superb, and it is a wonderful song to share with the special someone in your life.  


Upping the rock sound for the song “No Good For You,” Heath comes out swinging with a commercially viable hit song that everyone can identify with, whether you like to listen to pop music or not, you will like this song. These are my favorite three songs on the EP, but all six of the track are very good, and I did not find myself wanting to skip any of the songs.  


The first song “I’m Yours” is very melodic, and is a power ballad for the masses. “Tonight” has a Latin flavor that adds an eclectic mix to the EP, and will make you want to shake your hips and dance. The EP ends with the track “Magic,”  that is listener/radio friendly where Heath sings about having a good time when you are with someone, whether it be “naughty or nice.” The song is funky and catchy, and really fun to listen to.


I highly recommend the new solo EP “One” by Christian Heath, his vocal and songwriting ability are up there with the best, and the catchiness and enjoyment derived from listening will have you smiling from ear to ear. Definitely a pop album to stand the test of time. 


Anne Hollister 

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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