Honest Men release EP

Honest Men release EP


The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once wrote that “We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.” While not everyone is a fan of Nietzsche’s pessimistic views on society, anyone with a sense of soul can agree that life is better when we’re dancing. This raw, almost violent exertion of primal energy, sexual tension and is one of our most intimate expressions of passion outside of the bedroom. While a lot of indie rock bands are content to recycle self-deprecation that went out of style about ten years ago, Waco, Texas’ Honest Men want to get you moving again. In an awesome collaboration between vocalist Seth Findley, guitarist Brooks Whitehurst, drummer Zach Solomon and bassist Nate Wallace, their new eponymous extended play revives all of the synthy ferocity of new wave and pumps it through a polished, modern lens to create something surprisingly vulnerable and futuristically relevant.


Honest Men will be released worldwide on May 25th, and it’s perhaps the perfect timing to drop an album that plays well alongside a beach bonfire paired with good friends and cold brews. “Mad Love” takes us to that beach, with its sexy Texas style swing and aggressive guitars. All the stormy clouds of spring seem to fade away and we’re left with a clear night of reckless catharsis, the kind that only can be found in the blissful heat of summertime. “Lose My Head,” led by Zach Solomon’s masterful percussion, comes thundering through the speakers and carries us through the crowd of a packed nightclub and onto the center of the dancefloor. You can feel the warmth of the room, the heartbeat of the other dancers working in sync with the Nate Wallace’s bass. “I’m Okay” doesn’t slow the pace down one bit, if anything, it takes this bursting party out onto the streets. Seth Findley fires off delicate vocals carefully entwined with Wallace’s steady gallop, and they couldn’t sound more simpatico.


It’s quite obvious to me that Honest Men have a very tight bond and connection between the four band members that has allowed for their sound to develop as much as it has in the last few years. A love song like “Rose” as all of the familiarity of a pop track but exhibits tremendous fortitude in its humbling lyrics. “Lacy Lake” is proof that synthesizers is a definitive rock instrument just as much as the guitar, bass and drums. They create a dream like state after the second chorus that can leave you feeling almost dazed. The sixth and final track on the Honest Men EP is “Sam,” which is probably my favorite song on the record. With inspirational keys and guitar picking that seem to push us closer and closer to the edge of indulgence, Findley gives the most heartfelt performance of his recording career thus far, harmonizing with the band in a way that is beyond extraordinary. Just for that alone I could highly recommend this EP, but based on the fact that every song here feels like a #1 single, Honest Men feels like a mandatory purchase for anyone looking to get there groove on this summer.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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