Conceptz – Splash

Conceptz – Splash


Anyone who enjoys modern hip hop with a soulful groove and old school vibes will be drawn into Conceptz’s web on their latest single “Splash”. The New York based duo has released a steady stream of winning singles since first forming in 2011 that’s garnered them a reputation as one of the most artful and entertaining acts working in the genre today. The heart of this musical enterprise, brothers Short Fuze and Highrowglyphfix, are often working within some conceptual context during their songs, but their new single “Splash” is a direct and straight-forward entry in the hip hop genre bringing together a modern sensibility with old school influences and an alluringly soulful groove powered by percussion and light synthesizers. The production frames the duo’s performance with tasteful aural values and a mix apportioning a balanced approach to the song’s various strains. Despite the fullness of the single’s sound, Conceptz never clutters things up with any dross and the focused approach of the performance helps make it a winner.

The song succeeds on its own merits; however, the track and its video are inextricably linked to one another and enhance the overall experience. There’s a bare bones storyline in the video production and little interaction sans music, but the performers do a superb job of bringing the song’s physical characteristics to the fore without ever obscuring the track and the non-musical participants are clearly talented as well and more than do the song and video justice. Promotional clips like this are fairly typical, that’s true, but Conceptz’s stands apart. The reasons are twofold. The first is the sharp production values employed for the video; this clearly has a budget rather than coming off as some well intended DIY project, but the primary factor driving the video’s core qualities is the charisma of the central performers. Conceptz are their song’s best selling point and they put over their work with massive confidence without ever coming off boorish or imitative.

The sparse arrangement is quite good. Conceptz manage to invoke some new kind of lean, stripped down soul sound with a track like this ideally suited to the subject matter and tone of the respective vocalists. The lyrical content is a little risqué, depending on your point of view of course, but they write about sex with some verbal ingenuity and a potentially underrated sense of humor. Short Fuze and Highrowglyphfix are responsible for some of the best indie hip hop/rap music produced in the last few years and their latest single “Splash” bumps them up a few additional notches. The brothers hailing out of New York State’s Orange County area are Empire State through and through and their profound talents are equal to their musical ambitions – so much so we can be assured Conceptz continue gaining a larger fan base each time out, increased critical respect, and perfect their craft for as long as they like.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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