Clayton Morgan Pays His Respects To The Queen Of Soul During This Exclusive Interview
R&B/soul singer-songwriter Clayton Morgan opens up about his new single and video, "Taste For Love," and his newly-found respect for Aretha Franklin.

Dallas-based r&b/soul singer-songwriter Clayton Morgan has been riding high since his 2018 single and video release, "Taste For Love."  The song has been climbing the Airplay Today charts, while airing around the globe on 100s of stations.  His video has been featured on, while being selected for the Indie Best Films Festival. 

Clayton took time out from his busy schedule to talk about his music and more:

IndieSource: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us. With all that a musician has to do these days to get noticed and build a following, how do you find time for a personal life?

Clayton Morgan: It’s hard trying to maintain a work life balance. I just recently helped celebrate a friend’s birthday in Houston. It was a group of friends celebrating. It was a nice getaway. You have to make the time when you can for a personal life.

IS: What is your favorite part about the music industry and being a musician?

CM: My favorite part is the creative side of being a musician. I enjoy the creative process of making music.

IS: Tell us about your single, "Taste For Love" and the subsequent remixes:

CM: Taste For Love has a smooth groove. It has a mellow feel good type of vibe. It’s catchy and the chorus will stick with you. The remixes are different versions of the original. I wanted to have different vibes with this release. DJ Extreme did an excellent job on the Deep House remixes.

IS: Are you involved with any charities or non-profit organizations or causes?

CM: I donate to Mental Health America of Greater Dallas. Mental Health is an important issue, especially with all the recent gun violence in this country. Mental Health issues have affected members of my family as well.

IS: If you could have seen any artist perform, in their heyday, who would that have been and why?

CM: With the recent passing of Aretha Franklin, I would have liked to see her perform in her heyday. I’ve been familiar with her work, but I never realized how much of an impact she had during the civil rights movement. There was a large outpouring of love and respect for The Queen of Soul in Detroit and around the world. It was amazing to witness this moment of history.

IS: What are you working on next?  What do you think your next release will be like?

CM: I am working on a new single that will be released before the end of 2018. It’s still R&B, but it also has some different elements incorporated.

IS:  We love your "Taste For Love" video.  Any plans for a remix music video?  If so, please tell us about it.

CM: That would be great, but unfortunately there are no plans for a remix video at this time.

IS: What do you think is the most common reason that artists fail, and how do you make sure that doesn't happen to you?

CM: I think artists fail because they give up. It’s hard out here, but you have to keep trying and know there will be mountain highs and valley lows. You really have to love music to continue in this industry. If you’re doing it just for fame and fortune, you may burn out.

IS: Which do you like better, recording or performing live?

CM: Right now, I love the recording process. I’m still in the development stage of what my live set will look like. I’m sure I’ll love them both equally in the future.

IS: Thanks again for the interview.  Any shout outs you'd like to give, or any advice you'd like to pass along to our readers?

MS: I want to give a shout out to Michael Williams at Platinum Keyz Productions and Marvin ‘DJ Extreme’ Hairston for song production. Zebretta Johnson and Ms. Shelly with Schooling Talent. Marcus Lopez for video direction. Lastly, Michael Stover with MTS Management for all the promotion and publicity help.

The son of Four Sonics member, Eddie Daniels, Clayton Morgan has proven to be one of the most original and talented new artists to come out of the area, this year.  Clayton starred in school musicals, and participated in both choir groups and drama clubs. His father and mentor, Eddie Daniels of The Four Sonics was his greatest inspiration. Clayton was also heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Prince, Madonna and Whitney Houston, to name a few. All of these influences contributed to Clayton’s unique and honest vocal style.

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