Jerad Finck New Kids SEAWAVES remix

Jerad Finck New Kids SEAWAVES remix


There’s a lot going on in America lately, and for that matter, there’s been an awful lot of changes taking place around the world. Great societal changes, no matter where or when they take place, always come with a soundtrack that is unique to the people and actions bringing about the vicissitudes, and that’s exactly what Jared Finck has produced alongside SEAWAVES in the new remix of his song “New Kids,” which became available to listeners around the globe this summer. Jared Finck has made quite a name for himself in the indie pop world by creating some of the most vividly realized harmonies in contemporary music, but in this remix of “New Kids” he transcends the boundaries of the studio and yields a track as socially relevant as it is melodically appealing.

SEAWAVES’ touch up of “New Kids” presents a rare scenario where the remix of a song actually surpasses the grandiosity of the original, and not only does it work, it straight up rocks. Every minute detail within the scope of Finck’s voice is magnificently highlighted against the backdrop of the colorful instrumentation marching to the beat of an angst-ridden heart. You could even argue that for the first time in Finck’s career we’re able to appreciate the subtle nuances in his style of attack that were once buried in final production; each one of them more artfully crafted than the one that came before them. I’ve always been a fan of his work, but in teaming with producer and songwriter Denny White he simply outdid himself with this single.

Jerad Finck is truly devoted to what he does and what he believes in equally, and you can definitely tell as much when he belts out the chorus in “New Kids.” It doesn’t feel like we’re listening to a studio recording, but instead like we’re up close and personal with Finck, witnessing the expression on his face, feeling the tension that he’s creating in the air around the microphone, and at once getting swept up in his passion and embracing the same logical conclusions that he’s been trying to convince us of all along. Personality will take you far in this business, and Finck shows us time and time again that he’s anything but shy about wearing his identity on his sleeve.

After giving it a great deal of thought, I deduced that the all new remix of “New Kids” carries with it a very important message both socially and musically. That message is that Jerad Finck and the generation of conscientious artists who refuse to stay silent when the chips are down aren’t just refusing to go away; they’re staking claim to the world that they’ve inherited and vowed to make it a better place. It’s a battle cry and an affirming moment for a movement of individuals in desperate need of some reassurance that the dream is still alive, and I for one couldn’t be more pleased to hear its chime. Finck’s contemporaries could stand to learn a lot from his ethical fortitude.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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