Monsuier Job – “Pica Pica”

Monsuier Job – “Pica Pica”


Music is a lot like love in more ways than we give it credit for. Music and love are both expressive beyond the limits of any human language, and when either one is legitimate and real, there aren’t any words to describe its expansiveness, anyway. Monsieur Job have mastered the language of music and share some of the most explicitly joyous vibes you’ll find on this side of the Atlantic with their new single “Pica Pica,” and it doesn’t take a degree in history to be able to tell that they’re onto a formula for making pop music that is going to have a major ripple effect around the world.

Toby Holguin is the primary mastermind behind Monsieur Job, and with a lifetime of musical involvement under his belt he’s come to understand what it takes to make it in this business and have a lasting impact on a scene. Monsieur Job has been conquering their native Columbia and the Caribbean isles like nobody’s business, and the United States and Mexico have been warming to their sound over the last summer as well. Thankfully Holguin’s got enough ambition to keep up with the pace of his band’s momentum, which appears to only be increasing with every passing day.

“Pica Pica,” which features and was remixed by No Mercy and Vojke Djans, is a song that was meant to get us up and dancing, but its intellectually stirring design and illicit jazz fusion beat could leave any hardcore music aficionado to ogle its precise delivery for days, even weeks on end. I found myself scanning over this track two, three, sometimes even five times in a row while taking notes for this review and coming up with undiscovered nuances each and every time. There’s a lot to study in “Pica Pica,” which isn’t something I can say about any American club tracks to be released this year.

There’s a certain layer of pain and sadness in the melody of “Pica Pica” that contrasts with the over the top, upbeat tone of the vocals, and the juxtaposition of the two is absolutely thought provoking and emotionally evocative to know end. Are we singing because we feel great pain and want it to go away, or we singing because of the pain has been replaced by a lust for life that won’t stop? Are we doomed to be tortured by love and its nimble manhandling of our emotions? Or are we in command of its next move?

With a more diversely appointed sound that any other trio of players in the game, it’s clear that Monsieur Job has got a huge future ahead of them, and it’s a future that will likely take them around the world and back. Collaborations with the likes of Vojke Djans are just the beginning of a plethora of exciting partnerships they’re destined to forge along the way, and if I were to make a suggestion it would be that the band explore their jazz side a little more. They’ve got the potential to do almost anything, and if they refine their sound the right way they will end up legends of their own time – and maybe tomorrow’s as well.


Anne Hollister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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