Dr King releases – “Love is a Drug” single

Dr King releases – “Love is a Drug” single


The best way to make it in the music business doesn’t involve attaching yourself to any of the ever-fleeting trends that pepper social media every six weeks. It doesn’t involve commercializing your sound or adapting to someone else’s narrative. Making it in this business takes originality and authenticity. No one else can make the music that’s in your head, and it can never be truly expressed through the lens of another. DR King, the R&B sensation that charmed audiences from coast to coast on season 14 of The Voice, is an excellent example of what it means to be a loyal blue-collar musician. His sound is his own, and in his debut single “Love is a Drug,” he doesn’t waste any time introducing fans to his intriguing, one of a kind identity.

“Love is a Drug” reminds me of an old school R&B song straight out of the golden age of Motown, but it’s definitely tied to this uniquely creative era in DIY music. King is joined by fellow Voice alum Jackie Foster, who adds her own splash of elegant vocalization to the track and definitively transforms the song from a powerhouse ballad into a straight up pop juggernaut. DR King is at the very beginning of what is certain to be a very high-profile recording career, and the fact that he is able to demonstrate this level of skill so early on in his journey speaks volumes about what we can expect out of his future work in the studio and beyond.

DR King has all the makings of a pop superstar in the traditional sense; he sports a stylish demeanor, comes off as warm and relatable in his lyrics, and his voice is unlike any other person I’ve listened to in the last five years of Top 40 without being too out there to be accessible. But the biggest attribute King has going for him is the absence of one career-crushing flaw: ego. While I’m sure he discovered very early on in life how talented he really was at making original music, he doesn’t act conceited or self-righteous about his abilities, which is very refreshing to see in such a young, up and coming artist.


The year isn’t quite over yet, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I think “Love is a Drug” could be the breakout single of 2018. Here we have an infectiously catchy beat woven out of sizzling melodies that modulate back and forth between arguably two of music’s most exciting new artists at the moment, and not for a second does it feel like we’re listening to a rookie’s first swing in the big leagues. DR King is making all of the right moves to ensure his place in the hierarchy of pop and urban music for the indefinite future, and I’m very confident that we can anticipate much more equally compelling content emerging from his studio sessions in the very near future to come.


Anne Hollister


Written by Anne Hollister

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