Ryan Zimmerman ' Solitude Blues

Ryan Zimmerman releases EP

Ryan Zimmerman, from Long Beach Island NJ, is a folk singer, songwriter and all-around musician dedicated songwriting and performing live. Zimmerman started his music career on the Jersey Shore, where he currently calls home. An avid music fan and performer he gets his influence from early performers up to today’s great guitar players and singers. And these are just a few fun facts about him, as he releases more music to the world after an EP. “Solitude Blues” is the result, and the consensus is it’s a mighty good one. 

I’ve heard Zimmerman before, but he turns out an extraordinary performance in the studio on this Americana single with everything going for it. This is something that can only add to his list of already great songs, as it gets down to the heart of matters in the lyrics, making it a serious track but beautified by the backing vocals which give the song a layer it needs to take it as far as it can go. It’s not a duet, but it sure helps the mood of the song move right along. His guitar and all strings involved take a back seat, but they’re never missed in the mix, instead it’s all evenly proportioned with each instrument. 

The guitar lines are clean and precise, with a minimum of fuss and bother to his intricate touch, and the percussion must also be noted for how it compliments everything right down to the last beat. It leads me to say the drums really do help with great percussive values for the track itself to shine in every way it does, as they pick up around the middle of the track and proceed to lead the rest of the song out so well. But you never expect that to happen as it doesn’t surface right away. This is an acoustic track, so it’s acoustic drums as well, which just calls for less actual drumming. It manages to end with some foxtrotting.

But before it is all over, you get a great storyline and a well sung track by a gifted artist who continues to make a name for himself singing from the south Jersey shore to has tours on both coasts opening for Zach Deputy, The Hope Social Club, Michael Allman, American Trappist and Marshall Crenshaw. He has also headlined his own events which he produces and promotes himself nationwide.

Zimmerman is doing the business for his audience with more singles to come, and “Solitude Blues” keeps his catalog in order by serving up a consistently produced track for the masses. It’s Americana with an old school quality, rather than the pop-country sound that’s going around, which provides a different and deeper perspective in today’s acoustic music landscape. Less is more, but Zimmerman somehow defies that with a lot of tasteful notes to go around. This is one release that deserves to be heard far and wide, and not confined to the US market only, as it should break some new ground for Zimmerman and folk music in general. 

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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