Laban releases  “Dueños de Aquí”


Big jazz grooves subtly push a drum set into the spotlight as “Dueños de Aquí,” the new single by Labán, rises from the silence and soon overtakes whatever audiological environment it’s being played in. In perfect synchronicity, Labán and a fragile electric guitar join the drums, peppering the beat with a textured self-awareness that shamelessly flaunts its elusiveness. We listen closely as our singer works his way around the lyrics, his energy bouncing about while his vocals remain stoic and centered. We’re grinding against the grain, swimming upstream as the bass starts to get a little louder in the mix. Where is Labán taking us? Right into the heart of his complex tonality, where groove, rhythm and harmony are all just chess pieces going back and forth on a sonic board.

Labán keeps singing with a reserved drawl amidst the modulating war between the percussion and the strings, which begins to rage with more intensity as we inch closer and closer to the chorus. When we get there, the dam that was blocking all of the gritty layers taking shape just beneath the surface of the rhythm breaks, and we’re drowned in the song’s climactic melody. Labán is on every one of his cues even before we can hear them coming, and his attentiveness to the smallest of details in this song goes far and beyond the modest minimalism of his more indie pop-flavored rivals. This is postmodernity blended into mammoth Latin romanticism, and if that weren’t enough of a combo Labán adds a cutting political narrative to this song that sets it even further apart from the mainstream.

The culmination of Labán’s stylistic influences and creative ambitions might prove too experimental an entrée for casual pop fans, but it’s hard to imagine describing this as anything other than a raw chunk of hook-laden decadence. The bass suddenly turns thunderous around the 2:10 mark and lets out a menacing crunch that beckons us to come closer and take our lumps from the translucent guitar solo that follows it. We rock out for another thirty seconds before the song disappears into silence, leaving us to ponder why the track had to end just when its luscious instrumental fever pitch was planting itself into our minds.

“Dueños de Aquí” has all the right ingredients to be a really moving R&B track, and other than it’s slightly skewed framing and the lack of attention devoted to the feverish closing guitar solo I would say that you’d be hard pressed to find a better Latin pop single this fall. Above all other observations, it must be stressed that Labán is singing his heart out in this single, and doing an excellent job despite the couple of cosmetic flaws that quietly rear their head in the background. None of them reduce the quality of his performance or the sincerity in his execution, both of which deserve high praise for their inventiveness and reverent presentation. Labán is at the beginning of his career in the music industry, but so far I like what I’m hearing out of his virgin trip to the recording studio.


Anne Hollister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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