Artie Hoffman: "The Jew With A Clue"

I had never interviewed a psychic/medium before. Although I believe people have psychic abilities, I have rarely been lucky enough to meet one that has read me and has been on the money. Artie Hoffman, New Jersey based soulful psychic/medium suddenly appeared on the Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell and I immediately sensed a warmth and intelligence that did not accompany that feeling of "I know it all". He had the conviction of an animated tsunami, yet the gentleness of a serene lake.


Secure in his beliefs and candid in his answers, and after finding out he'd read 28 thousand people, I decided to have a conversation with him. Actually, anyone can talk to him as he does a live Facebook show every other Sunday beginning January 6th, at 8:00pm EST, where he will answer your questions free of charge.  He also has an intriguing book out entitled "Angels and Answers" which is currently creating quite a buzz all over the planet.


We discussed many intriguing themes, from God and religion to spirits and reincarnation. The fact is, whether you believe in these concepts or not, the possibilities are there in front of you....

Have you done many interviews, and do any of them stand out in your mind?


I've been interviewed quite a few times over the years. I've been doing it for 30 years so.....None that so much as stuck out to be honest with you. I repeat myself a lot. The stories, you can't change the past stories. There are a lot of interesting stories with what I do.


I just bet there are.


There are a lot of interesting incidences and stuff like that. Overall, it's extremely rewarding and it's a lot of fun.


Tell me what you find rewarding about it?


When you heal people's hearts from losing a loved one, when you give people direction who are totally lost, when you give them hope and strength to be able to move out of a bad situation or a bad relationship, to give people medical answers or emotional answers that no one else can figure out.... it's not so much as the problem is the problem, it's how you perceive the situation. When you have a proper understanding of the circumstances, for example I help people re-look, re-evaluate what they have from a different perspective. It gives them strength to be able to overcome any obstacles. Countless times when people have emailed me or texted me how they overcame their relationship, or that they did find somebody.... I'm very good at describing people's future love. There were times when people said that they were never going to get married and I told them they would, and they end up getting married. There is a very interesting story that happened last summer. I was at a local ice cream store, I was walking out to my car while licking my ice cream and there was a string of five or six people sitting on one bench. One of the girls yelled out to me, "hey I like your license plate", which says " I just know". 


I like that too.


I told her that I got that because I'm a psychic. She said, " I know you read for me three years ago". She pointed to the guy next to her, and told me that I predicted her husband who was next to her. She told me that I said she would meet this carpenter and that the first letter of his name began with J. It turned out his name was Jay. I always tell people when I do readings for them that they might not understand what I have to say to you right now, but days, weeks, or months later,  they will understand. 


How young were you when you discovered that you had this gift?


I was 27.


So before that you never realized you had that gift? You had no clue?


Zero, zilch....


So one day you just woke up and decided you had a gift?


I had a pretty good life growing up. I had my own business, a window cleaning power washing business. It's called "Peeping Tom's Window Cleaning". I had it pretty good, married, just had a child, and everything was going fine. I had a nice home, and everything was going great, but inside something was missing. So I was sitting in my home office and I had a conversation with God. I said "God you need to give me clear answers. I know there is more than what I have." I said when you give me the answers please don't scare the hell out of me." So I walked upstairs and started going through all my junk mail. Usually when I see junk mail I just throw it out. This time I just decided to sift through the junk mail. There was a postcard there inviting me to go to the Edgar Cayce seminar for one weekend, to learn how to develop your psychic abilities? Discover the soulful side of yourself. Edgar Cayce was like the Nostradamus of our time. He died in the 1950s and was a sensational medium and psychic himself. I wasn't looking at it as if it were the answer to my prayers, I just thought it was something cool.


Do you feel anyone can go to this institute and learn what you know ?


Most people can, not everybody. Some people are just closed off to it. So I go there and there were about 50 of us from different parts of the country. We were sitting down and listening to the guy speak. He gets you in the spiritual mode. He teaches you how to open up your heart and mind to be 100% unconditional. He told us whatever information comes to you just share it with another person. They played this spiritual music, this sultry beautiful music in the background to get everybody in the beautiful state of mind, and then they broke us up into groups. They told us that whatever messages we get just share it with another person and don't question it or judge it. So that's what I was doing, and people were telling me how accurate I was.


I was shocked about how I was able to tell people about themselves even though I had never met them before. I couldn't believe it. I was just shocked that I was capable of doing it. I wasn't the only one in the room doing it, there were other people that were doing it also. After that seminar I went home and bought some spiritual cards and I was reading for friends and family. I was telling people my predictions. People again were telling me how accurate I was, and that things were coming true. I just couldn't believe it.


So what happened was it came to a point in my life where I needed extra money, actually a lot of extra money. There were these two stocks that I was looking at. I felt in my heart and soul that the stocks were going to take off. I was extremely confident that the stocks were going to do well, so I borrowed $20,000. I promised to pay back within one years time. I thought I would be able to pay them before the year was over but then the year came and went and I was out $5000. I was really upset about it too. I had to sell the stocks because I promised I would give the money back to them. Then wouldn't you know it as Murphy's Law has it, the moment, I mean literally the moment I sold both stocks, both of them started taking off. I was so angry. So I thought, "what could I do to make extra money?" I knew how to do readings, so I threw an ad in the paper. It read, "If I don't pull through, no charge." I figured if I pulled through, I was worth the money. I can honestly say about 90% of the people paid me. Then it just took off by word-of-mouth. Now it's 30 years later, 28,000 people later, and it's been a very interesting road. I meet the coolest people. Sometimes though even though I give the people the road to healing, or advice, people still want what they want, and it is still a hard task to do. They choose not to do it even though I gave them really good advice. It's not from me it's from the spiritual world even though I'm the guy that gives them the information.


So there was this girl that came in for a reading. She had come in for a reading two years before and told me that for the past two years she thought about me every day when she woke up. I felt flattered that she said that, but I was wondering what she was thinking about. First thing I was thinking was maybe she was sexually turned on, I didn't now.... The girl was loaded with tattoos and she was not my type at all. So I was flattered in a weird way. So she said the reason she thought about me for the last two years was because when I read for her two years ago I held her hand. She said when I held her hand the first thought that came into my mind was the song "Highway to Hell" I told her that if she didn't stop what she was doing within about a week or two she was going to get thrown into jail. I told her it wasn't going to be pretty. She told me that she had believed me but that she didn't listen to me, and she got caught and was thrown into jail for two years. Every day she woke up and wondered why she hadn't listened to me.


Very interesting.


So to have that ability I am so insanely and incredibly appreciative, for angels and God that they have opened up this gift. When I was younger I would go visit psychics, not a lot, I wasn't a psychic junky. But they would tell me that I had that ability. So lo and behold, here I am. I've been on TV, I've been on the radio, performed at the casinos in Atlantic City, and I have my own international Facebook live show, where I read for people. Right now it's going to be every other Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern time. It's my "Angels and Answers Live Facebook Show." I read for people for free. People type in the questions on Facebook live. I have an assistant with me and she reads all the questions. I just look into the camera and answer them. She randomly picks questions from people writing in from all over the world. 


How do you focus on people that you don't even know and then are able to advise them, find their loved ones, etc.


That's a damn good question, I ask myself that all the time. It just is. Literally I call upon the Angels. I'm off most of the time when I'm in public. People ask me when I'm in restaurants or in the mall do I pick up on things. The answer is no. But if I have a really cool waitress or waiter I'll ask to look at their hand, and they'll give me their hand, and I'll just tell them something about themselves. I do it for the fun of it when I'm out there in public like that. 


So, you have a book out as well?


I do. It's called "Angels and Answers." It's doing pretty well. The thing that I find most fascinating is that people love the book so much that they buy more than one book. I've had one person that's told me she's bought 10 books and another person that's bought over 30 books. She said she loved it so much that she literally just handed it out to all her friends and family. She said it made such an impact on her life. I explain things so simplistically. Yet there is such deep meanings to it, to the messages of life. It explains about religion, and about God, and about relationships, and about yourself. You are going to be able to discover things about yourself that you never even realized. One of my greatest gifts is that people have all these emotions within them but they don't know how to put it into words. So I pick up their feelings and I describe their feelings, and make sense of it all to them. Then it gives them power, when you have an understanding of a situation. It gives you power and confidence.


I agree.


When I have a Conversation with God I tell him I'm so appreciative, God bless yourself. In my book there's a small passage and it says, "for those of you that don't believe in God. If your kid sneezes what are you say, better luck next time?" I've got to tell you something funny....




Do you know those little figures, minions?




There was a comic strip with the picture of the minion with his eyes wide open. It said, " I really don't believe in ghosts, but at night time my mind is a little more open to it".


I went to Kings Park Psychiatric center with Jimmy Star and Ron Russell and Kadrolsha Ona Carole, Queen of the Paranormal. We broke into this old closed up hospital in search of spirits to help.


That could be very dangerous. Not because of the police, but because one of these spirits can attach themselves to you.


Yes, but she did something before we went in to prevent that.


It could be a very dangerous situation, so don't do it with people that don't know what they are doing....and you never want to play with Ouija boards. That is a porthole. 


That's the one thing I'm scared of in life, Ouija boards.


You should be. They are very powerful. Hasbro put this out as a toy, but it's not a toy. It's the real deal and it's very dangerous. One of my friends when she was 16 years old went out and got a Ouija board. She has the gift herself. So she was playing with it, it made some predictions, they asked some questions, and then she put the Ouija board away in her closet. She had had her jewelry on, her hands and her neck. She woke up the next morning her jewelry was off her body and it was sitting on her dresser. So she got really scared. She knew it was from the Ouija board and she went to throw it out. She was so scared she chopped up the Ouija board. She said the next day the Ouija board was back in her closet all in one piece. 


I totally believe that. 


Anything that you have in life, a relationship, money, anything, it all has to do with respect. You have to respect the situation. If you don't respect the situation of the person somehow someway harm is going to bite you in the ass. I was raised in a Jewish family. And what I realized through the years is God gave everyone free will. The 10 Commandments, yes it was given to us by God but a man definitely wrote out the 10 Commandments. It wasn't  written exactly as God had written it. Where it says thou shalt not steal, or thou shalt not commit adultery, God would never tell anybody thou shalt or shalt not do anything because that would be intervening in our free will. What the purpose of the 10 Commandments are is to help us live a happy and a healthy life. So basically what God was saying, if you do this, then that will happen. If you step out of the boundaries of what I'm saying you will start experiencing ramifications to your actions. God did not want any of us to live a painful life. We are supposed to live a happy life because that's what God wants for us more than anything in the world. But when you start going against the law of the universe then there are ramifications or repercussions that you will experience. Every action has a reaction. So he gave us these guidelines of how to live a harmonious lifestyle. So when you step out of it, shit hits the fan. 




Exactly. So whatever you take you will pay back, with interest. So a lot of times the way the universe works is whatever pain, or whatever love you put out to the universe you will experience it back into your life. An example of this is if you kill someone in this lifetime, you will come back as the victim of what you've created. So if you killed somebody in this lifetime you will come back as the victim, because we need to experience the pain or the love that we give to other people.


Are you saying that you believe in reincarnation?


Oh, 100 percent. This isn't a one-shot deal. What was really interesting is that when I was doing a party this lady came and sat down next to me. Before she said boo to me, before I held her hand, before I even looked at her, I said to her that I normally do not do past life regressions. But I just wanted her to know that in her previous life, before this life, that she was on a pirate ship and she walked the plank. She was pointed by sword and forced to go overboard, and she died. She drowned in the ocean. She then admitted to me that she was deathly afraid of the sea and that she did not like large ships. She never knew why because nothing had ever happened to her in this lifetime regarding the ocean or large ships. Now that she is consciously aware of it, it won't bother her anymore because now she knows why. 


What's the scariest experience you have ever had as a psychic?


I was never asked that question....good question. My goal is to have my own show on television  or perform in Vegas. The scariest moment was the very first time I was on radio. On an actual FM radio station. I was only supposed to be on one time. That was on 107.3 FM, in the Atlantic City area. I was going to advertise my services on their station. So the girl who was representing me said I need it to be on for a half hour if I wanted to advertise 10 times. So I get into the studio and I'm in front of the mic, and this was the very first time I ever was putting my ass out on the line in public. I said to God, "I don't know what to say", I was being interviewed by Joe Kelly. So I said to God, " you're going to have to feed me the information. I'm just going to trust that you're going to give me the right information." So I read for someone that called in to the station. I was giving her all this information and she was saying no, no, no. I told her that the information I have given her was so vivid in my mind that I know for a fact that I'm not wrong. I asked her to please verify the information I gave her with her mother or her sister. I told her to call me or the station the next day to let me know. Then the second person called in and she was saying yes, yes, yes to everything. Joe Kelly thought that was pretty amazing. So the next day Joe Kelly gives me a call and told me there were 22 people that called into the station and asked me if I'd like to be on the show every week. So since then I've been on his show every other week for 45 minutes. So now it's 10 years later and I'm still on his show. So the first time I was on his show was the scariest moment for me because you want to be authentic and you don't want to be taken as a jack ass or being wrong or being a shyster. Some people think you are a shyster even though you think you're giving your best, some people just aren't meant to be read. 


Just a final comment...after the interview Artie read me. Some of the things he said I didn't understand for that moment and neither did he, however.....mostly everything he said or advised was dead on correct! 


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Written by Eileen Shapiro

I work with Jimmy Star and am a NY Times best selling author and rock star journalist....currently write for Get Out Mag, PureM, Classic Pop, Huffington Post, and several others....I write pop culture interviews with well established talent and up and coming great talent...look forward to working with you....



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