Kloë Shinn releases inspirational “My Own” single


Kloë Shinn wants to get you shaking what God gave you in her all new single “My Own,” and she’s willing to pull out all the stops and weapons at her disposal to make an impression you won’t soon forget. In an intrepid marriage of pop tonality, vivid electronica and wildly textured grooves that are mammoth in size but as gentle as a kitten, “My Own” is saturated in suffocating bass and subdued sonic nuances that are as rousing as they are startling and unpredictably explosive. There’s so many angles to this track that one is halfway tempted to compare it more to a movement in a classical symphony than a pop song (at least from a structural standpoint), but Shinn is careful to keep the intensity relative to her own seductive charms, which are the main draw in this single in more ways than one. Lyrically this is arguably her most robustly arranged and articulately designed tracks to date, and those of us who have been following her story since the very beginning will be particularly taken aback with the progress that she’s made in such a short time.

The music video for “My Own” is high fashion incarnate. Quick cuts of flashy dance mobs and commanding yet candid performances from Shinn zoom past our eyes at a fast and furious pace not dissimilar to the music of the song, and though we’re being washed in more neon and colorful fireworks than what most videos present us with becoming distracted from Shinn’s sleek crooning is never a problem. Her lyrics are too relatable, her voice too sumptuous and her stylization of the transitions between verses just too inventive and nimble to be dismissed as just another element in a full plate of musical magic.


Shinn’s voice might be the backbone of the song, but it doesn’t overshadow the tone of the instruments warring just beneath her vocal track in the foundation of the mix; if anything, her transmissions accentuate the violent propensity of the music beautifully. There’s a decidedly rough edge on the end of the choruses that could have been a lot more cutting were this track not mixed in the layered format that it is, but I doubt that any of the smaller details like this one escaped Shinn’s attention prior to clearing this single for release.

Superbly produced and far more original than anything her peers have been cutting off of the mainstream assembly line as of late, Kloë Shinn’s “My Own” only adds to the tremendously well-regarded status the young songwriter has built for herself in the industry. Her presence is becoming impossible for even her harsher critics (as few as there are) to ignore, and I think that if she manages to turn out at least a couple more singles of this caliber by this time next year, she’ll be sitting on top of the cutthroat pop underground that she’s dominated so effortlessly in 2018. She’s catching fire like few artists of her scene have, and what she does with her new platform is entirely up to her in the exciting time that lies ahead.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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