My Luv Notes – “She Ain’t Me” is a single that reminds you of not only the R&B great of the past

My Luv Notes – “She Ain’t Me” is a single that reminds you of not only the R&B great of the past, but it also shows there’s hope for it in the future. Songwriter, Stephanie Hochman, also sounds as good as any gospel singer around, and the crosses over to Pop as well. This is a charity project so it’s even more honest than it sounds, with Hochman and b/g singers turning in an award worthy effort. This magnificent track could go very far if it gets into the right channels, but it’s not aimed at that so it’s not to be expected but those who donate are in for their money’s worth and part of that goes to charity and you can find more on the previous album release.


Money’s worth is very important, it’s what tells you something good is involved, and good is putting it mildly about “She Ain’t Me.” This is an instant classic yet a contemporary statement that standing your ground is here to stay. When you read the lyrics, you’ll know what I mean, as this isn’t a lightly sprinkled love song, it’s more seriously inclined without boring the listener. It’s all in the voicings of Stephanie Hochman, a singer than up until now I wasn’t aware of but not reluctant to opine about.

Seasoned veteran musicians often come along late in life, after having done it all, and Hochman could be one of them, judging by how good she is at singing and piano of the classical variety. It’s hard not to point out such talent after only one listen, if that’s any indication of what Hochman brings to the people. Time will tell but this is the best way to tell what I mean about the artist, she pulls no punches in the lyrics, but you can tell it’s all for the sake of the song, and underneath is a softer more refined soul singer.

The cool thing about this is song it doesn’t need a lot of music backing it, but it does have just the right amount for Hochman’s vocals to shine around. It’s a matter of rating the artist and the song because they bring out the best in each other. The melody is fantastic and left up to the vocals to compliment like only they can, and she’s got a way with words that don’t bring the tempo down regardless of what she’s singing about, which is a look into someone seeing her ex-lover and reflecting on the visions.


Pop music is always played best with some soul for dancing, and this makes a great slow-dance number if I’ve ever heard one. The main objective for Hochman is to inspire the new generation by showing them how it’s done without detaching from it or detracting anyone, same as it goes for any artist of this caliber. “She Ain’t Me” is a mighty huge step for a mighty huge voice that carries a lot of power, but the lyrics help balance that out for a slice of perfection you won’t find everyone capable of doing. Top marks for this single and the fact that the proceeds go to charity.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

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