Kanisha K Losing Game


Fusing pop melodies with a laidback swing, Kanisha K lights up the music world in her all-new single “Losing Game.” The aspiring singer/songwriter’s voice is presented to us in its prime, ethereally woven into an emotionally-charged instrumental pattern of ebbing harmonies that are fleeting yet unforgettable and reverberating in the master mix. Kanisha K hasn’t reached the pinnacle of success yet, and though her journey is far from over, she touches on creative ground that even the harshest of critics will have difficulty ignoring in this tuneful ballad. Written in collaboration with Jane Bach, “Losing Game” is a safe bet for any legit pop music buff this season.

In the grander scheme of things, the percussion that drives this song is somewhat understated, especially in juxtaposition with the fiery guitar solos and pointed vocal attack from Kanisha herself. That said, “Losing Game” doesn’t put all of the emphasis on its star performer’s divine crooning alone; the backing band is well-represented behind the soundboard, and though some elements are a bit quieter in the big picture than others, each player is working in perfect synchronicity as a unit here, making the song feel like more of a collective effort by a group than a solo offering exclusively.

It must be said that while no one fails to pull their weight in this recording, the guitar parts are by far the richest layer of sound to be studied in this single. They flow evenly with the vocal track, and in the scattered moments of separation between the bass and drums, the lead guitar introduces a shot of adrenaline that keeps the song from devolving into a straight-up elegy. This sort of multidimensional style of attack is exactly why Kanisha K is winning over fans of rock, country, pop and R&B simultaneously right now; her talents aren’t easily categorized, which is somewhat of a trademark among industry icons both in the past and present.

Everything here centers on the cathartic serenade of Kanisha, from the tempo of the drums to the unurgent stagger of the piano that leads us into the first verses. As previously noted, it doesn’t steal all of the spotlight in the single, but there’s no debating the vocal track’s prowess and sophisticated sway in the midst of all the explosive instrumentation that takes place during the chorus. She doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles in the background to get comfortable in the studio; all Kanisha K needs is a microphone and a beat, and the rest of magic we hear comes from within her soul.

“Losing Game” is acerbic, progressively stylized and textured to no end, and though it’s one of many stunners that this burgeoning singer/songwriter has to her credit, it has the energy of a breakthrough smash that could bring her moniker out of the underground and into the mainstream once and for all. Like “Lead Me On” and “Talk is Cheap” before it, this single tells us a story not only through its imaginative prose but through its detailed tonality, and while it wouldn’t be true to say that she is the only artist thinking outside of the box nowadays, Kanisha K is exhibiting a vivacious creativity that few of her contemporaries ever have before. That creativity is artfully captured in “Losing Game,” and I highly recommend giving it your attention if you haven’t already.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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