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The evolution of hip-hop is always in motion; even when we think that things are starting to plateau on the mainstream side of the dial, there’s a consistent output from the underground that is constantly reminding us of how versatile (and volatile) the genre is from one corner of the planet to the next. In Nigeria, Victor Pedro is making headlines and unignorably strong waves this season with his all-new single “Call Me, I Miss Ya!,” and if you’d thought that you had heard the very best from this stunning African songwriting sensation, you’d better think again. “Call Me, I Miss Ya!” is an electrified dirge filtered through a neon blue lens that will leave his biggest fans questioning if they ever knew Pedro to begin with, but not for the reasons that you might expect. Pedro isn’t departing from his trademark tone in this latest release, but he is adopting a postmodern approach to his lyrics that will leave even his hardest critics in awe of his evocative (and rather erotic) skillset.

It’s been said in the past by at least one other critic that I know of, but I feel like it deserves to be stressed all the more in reference to “Call Me, I Miss Ya!”; Victor Pedro has a really magnetizing presence in his studio recordings that is unlike most anyone else’s in or outside of his scene. In this respect, he’s got a lot more in common with his American brethren than he does other regions on the R&B map, but I wouldn’t go as far as to put his sound in the same category as the third wave melodic hip-hop that we’ve been hearing so much of in metropolitan scenes like those in Toronto, Atlanta and Jacksonville. The master mix that he employs in this single is incredibly slick and crystal clear from start to finish, but most importantly, it doesn’t rob us of the rich tonality in his vocal in exchange for its streamlined stylization. I’m really hoping to see this guy live at some point in the near future, because if even a fraction of the energy that he brings in “Call Me, I Miss Ya!” were to translate well in a stage show, it could make for a performance that no legit hip-hop or R&B fan would want to miss out on.

“Call Me, I Miss Ya!” is poetic, multilayered and will leave you coming back for more from this deeply gifted singer, and though I was only somewhat familiar with his work prior to hearing this song for the first time, I was inspired to go back and examine some of his past releases after getting hooked on this latest track, and found that Pedro has been getting better and better with each and every song that he records. He’s got a lot going for him at this stage of his career, and if this track is representative of what his future recording sessions are going to yield, today definitely won’t be the last time that you find yourself seeing his name in the press.


Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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