Dane Maxwell’s “Where I’m Seen”

The acoustic guitar that takes on a starring role in Dane Maxwell’s “Where I’m Seen” doesn’t emit the same joyous tone that we’ve come to expect in the ongoing Americana revival movement. It isn’t beholden to a pop groove, and the implied beat that drives it is full of melancholy. There’s agony in its ambient drawl, and the tenor itself is as dark as midnight. Its strings are saving the catharsis for a monumental chorus, where we’ll get to hear Maxwell’s surreal harmony in full-color stereo sound. “Where I’m Seen” is already creating a mood, and its vocalist hasn’t even started to sing yet.


Climbing out of a cave, looking upon the sun and waiting for the pain to come cascading down upon us; this is the picture that Dane Maxwell shows us with his voice in his fist stanza here. He doesn’t know how to feel anything but sorrow, anything but angst, but he’s going to try as hard as he possibly can in “Where I’m Seen.” He’s determined to find some happiness in this life, and through the shadowy bassline in the background, he makes his way into the light of a tomorrow that might not be as hard as today was.

Suddenly we’re back in the darkness. The strings are twisting and writhing like a battered bird whose wings have been savagely clipped by windstorm debris. We’re hand in hand with Dane Maxwell as he fights against the oncoming current with his smoky voice, and as we near the second appearance of the chorus, it starts to feel like he’s gaining the upper hand in this battle for everything that matters. On the strength of his singing alone, I can conclude that if this is in fact an all or nothing fight pitting Maxwell against the biggest and baddest bullies we can imagine, we couldn’t have a much better sonic soldier in our corner than we’ve got in him.

The second chorus sees the fuzzy, synthesized bassline colliding with the string parts in a kaleidoscopic hurricane of harmony that I don’t think I’ll be getting out of my mind for some time to come. The refrain penetrates our hearts with its stinging emotion and long-lasting echo, and just when we think that we’ve heard everything that Dane Maxwell is capable of doing in the studio, he lays one last hook on us that takes the song into the sunset. “Where I’m Seen” isn’t a Hollywood movie, but it’s sure got the cinematic happy ending we all know and love about big budget-pictures.


I don’t know where this guy came from, but Dane Maxwell might have made the most exceptional anti-abuse anthem that I’ve listened to in the last five years in this single. As someone who knows all too well of what he’s discussing so candidly in “Where I’m Seen,” I can attest to its accurate lyrical depictions as well as the bone-chilling mood that its melodies induce on the spot. This will leave anyone down in the dumps feeling a little better about life in general, and for that I believe Maxwell should be greatly praised.

Anne Hollister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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