In The City launch their new single "Every Single Day”

While their first two singles were celebratory and uplifting, ‘Every Single Day’ explores the stillness and grief found in life after loss. Reflective and poignant, mature and dynamic, ‘Every Single Day’’ heralds the next stage in the autonomous young duo's rapid evolution as songwriters with exceptional chemistry and a unique approach. They found that groove when they found each other some four years ago.

Listen to the dreamy track below!

Singer-songwriter and documentary story producer Jane was with a non-profit that empowered kids through music. Composer Wientzek worked in the studio where they were recording. Their backgrounds were diverse — she grew up twirling in a backyard skating rink as Joni Mitchell, the Rankin Family, Fleetwood Mac and Shania Twain blasted from outdoor speakers housed in Tupperware to thwart squirrels; he absorbed the sounds of everyone from Bon Jovi and Limp Bizkit to Radiohead and even Backstreet Boys ("I really enjoyed the production and the harmonies," he swears). Ultimately, their differences proved to be great strengths.

Written by Auteur Research

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