Mario Ferrini featuring Frink n Chic & Nathan Brumley “Missing You”

Somber silence is no match for the acoustic guitar waiting to greet us with a warm hello at the start of “Missing You,” the new single from Mario Ferrini featuring Frink n Chic & Nathan Brumley, and in the roughly three and a half minutes that the song lasts, we discover a melodic poeticism that could shake the darkest of depressions spurred on by the absence of a lover. Ferrini is an emotional powerhouse in this track, dispatching cutting lyrics that echo into the ethers for what feels like an eternity, only to be countered by a blushing bassline that embodies the very essence of loneliness in its haunting harmonic swing.


There hasn’t been much indie pop worth writing home about this June, but in “Missing You,” audiences are afforded a gateway into the introspective artistry of a highly underrated songwriter and musical mastermind that has finally come into his own and learned to embrace the experimental side of his creative identity. Frik n Chic, as well as Nathan Brumley, make substantial contributions to the construction of “Missing You,” and in some ways give it the finishing touch that it needed to become the fully-realized power ballad that we hear in this single. The intensity in the lead-in to the chorus is only rivaled by the cathartic release in the refrain, and though I was expecting a slightly more agile exit at the end of the song, I wasn’t as disappointed by the way that they chose to wrap up this track as I have been in similarly surreal pop efforts this summer. Postmodernity is everywhere we look in music right now, and you could certainly make the case that this fits in well with the American indie sound that critics have been going crazy over in 2019, but I’m not sure that it qualifies as a product of some collective action going on in pop this year. Ferrini has never been one for following a trend, and while this is definitely his most streamlined single so far, it retains the anti-commercial principles that made his early work so interesting in the first place.

There are plenty of critics saying as much, but I too would be curious to hear more collaborative work between these parties in something a little loftier than a single.


They’ve definitely got the right energy to make a complete extended play (or possibly even a full-length LP) out of the sonic template set forth by “Missing You,” and I don’t think that it would be a negative thing to see just how much they can exploit the treasure chest of tonality that they render for us here in future studio sessions. Every time I think that I’ve got Mario Ferrini’s persona pegged, he throws me yet another curveball of a composition, and this could be his most fascinating experiment to see global release. He’s still got some room to expand on the talents that he’s been naturally gifted with, but make no mistake about it – this is unquestionably a must-hear single for pop aficionados this summer.

Anne Hollister

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Written by Anne Hollister

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