Alonzo’s “Your Medicine”

One of the lines that stands out the most for Alonzo’s “Your Medicine” is the sensual delivery of “you’ve got that fever, that fever that burns like a fireball.” So sultry and even more so a breakout hit, Alonzo’s “Your Medicine” is a fun track with an undeniable it-factor. “Your Medicine” is a killer tune just in time for the hottest part of the summer.


According to Alonzo’s biography, the multi-faceted Los Angeles, based artist’s achievements include dancing. This is highly evident in “Your Medicine.” The song just moves! Think Price, Justin Timberlake, Sean Mendes and the Jonas Brothers blending their sounds together and the result is a fun pop tune that could easily find its way to Top 40 or Hot AC radio stations around the globe. It’s that good and it’s that memorable.

Alonzo’s sensuality comes across in each note and with lyrics like “don’t pretend like you don’t want it ‘cuz I got what you need” additionally shows off his personality. The way the back beat and music bed bounces through is the overall entertaining aspect of this song. It’s clever in the way the buildup bumps along the first 10 seconds or so, and Alonzo’s voice has immense passion and a confidence that just captures the listener. His vocal delivery is higher, think along the lines of Prince’s “Kiss.” It’s an immediate rush for the listener. Alonzo’s energy refreshing and while he manages to reign in on his notes and range within the song, as a listener one has to wonder what the next line is going to reveal? To hear this song live would be a real treat and Alonzo’s voice and the song’s production is spot-on entertaining.

The significance continues with the overall musicality of “Your Medicine.” The generous beats are flush to Alonzo’s higher vocals and thrive alongside moments of dramatic ‘drips’ and guitar riffs. Interestingly enough the backing vocals singing “oh, oh, oh,” somewhat (it’s a stretch!) like Laura Branigan’s “Self-Control.” Truth be told – “Your Medicine” is not a nod to the past in any way shape or form. This song signals the strength of a determined artist right out of the gate. It’s modern and influences from Al Green, Michael Jackson, Prince – honest delivery and again, that ‘it factor.’


Some listeners might gravitate toward a song with a bit meatier lyrics – but what makes Alonzo’s “Your Medicine” so enjoyable is that once can get lost in the orchestration and overall vibe or in in the infectious chorus. Overall, “Your Medicine” is a solid pop song, but fans of straight dance music might be a little dismayed – it doesn’t have the house factor like Madonna’s newest track, “God Control.” And, some listeners might be turned off by the high vocals – but it has sure worked for Nick Jonas and Just Timberlake. In a very crowded indie musical landscape and an ever growing online world of soundbites and distractions, Alonzo’s “Your Medicine” is a definite knockout hit. Kudos to the Californian for creating a very fun, entertaining track – that could very well be the cure for the summer blues.

Anne Hollister

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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