From Rocker To Bluesman: Exclusive Interview with Chart-Topping Artist Derek Davis
The Babylon A.D. Frontman and #1 iTunes Blues Songs artist answers questions about his success and latest album, "Resonator Blues."

Derek Davis has been on the music scene for the last 29 years, writing and recording albums with a number of bands, most notably MTV favorite, Babylon A.D.  Signed by Clive Davis to Arista Records, the band enjoyed success during the Hair Metal heyday of the early 90s.  Since then, Davis has been getting back to his roots...roots that are deeply based in the blues and early rock n roll.  His passion for the genre is evident on his latest album, "Resonator Blues" and his #1 iTunes Blues chart hit, "Mississippi Mud."  Davis took some time to answer some questions for us in this exclusive interview...

IndieSource: Hi Derek! Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions. You're an extremely busy guy! How many shows are you playing these days?

Derek Davis: I’m playing between 3- 4 shows a month, mainly on the weekends.

IS: Your current single, "Mississippi Mud" is doing very well on some national airplay charts, and it also hit #1 on the iTunes Blues charts, Congrats! How did you pick the song as a single, and why do you think it's catching on with listeners?

DD: The song is very catchy and universal, Its got a good story with a good hook, and people like songs that relate to them.

IS: Tell us about being in such a high profile MTV band like Babylon AD. What was the best thing about being out in the heyday of "hair metal?" What was the worst thing?

DD: The best thing is meeting all the fans and really making a lot of life time friends, also going to a lot of parties and playing live and knowing your music is being respected and loved is a great feeling. The down side is the way the music business works. It’s very competitive and cutthroat.

IS:  Who did you listen to as a kid? How did these artists influence you as an artist?

DD: A lot of Aerosmith, James, Brown, Montrose, Al Green, Lynyrd Skynyrd. Is what I listened to and still do to this day.

IS: What is one song that your fans would be surprised to know that you secretly like?

DD: “Distant Lover” the live version by Marvin Gaye is my favorite song of all time.

IS: Let's talk about your most recent album release, "Resonator Blues." Tell us about the overall concept of the record?

DD: I had a few songs that had a bluesy feel to them that I had written and decided I wanted to make a full album and wrote more in the same vain. There’s a lot of slide guitar, wailing vox and harmonica that sow it all together and breath life in to the songs.   

 IS: What is your favorite show that you've ever performed at?

DD: That’s hard, I’ve done a lot of shows, but maybe Arizona Fest many years ago for about 40,000 people, that was a blast.

IS: What is the next single we'll hear from Derek Davis on the radio?

DD: “Death Letter “is my next single and it will be out July 15th.

IS: Thanks for taking the time, Derek. Any parting words for your fans and our readers?

DD: Thanks for reading and please spread the word about my new album “Resonator Blues”!

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