When did you first decide to become a singer and performer? 

I've always wanted to sing but the performance side of things took awhile. I was quite shy for some time and used to get terrible stage fright. I think that is what took me so long to get to where I am today. But, I decided 3 years ago to become a full-time musician and go for it. It was a jumping off point and I couldn't look back because that is where I'd go and I didn't want that life anymore. I wanted to live a life on my terms! 

What have been some of your greatest experiences in the studio? 

One of my best memories was at F5 in Mpls with Davide Raso engineering a song I was commissioned to do for a children's Book/App. It was a thrown down with beautiful friends and artist and "found sound" percussion. The song came out with SO much energy like I heard it in my head! I've had great experiences but had the biggest opportunities at Mpls Media School, the old Jimmy Jam and Terry Louis studio where I did my album Drive with my husband Shane Hawkinson at the wheel. We did all day, full band  live recordings in the gorgeous studios. then dim the lights and do cello and vocals. Beautiful. Ambiance matters!!

Tell us about being a musician and do you consider living in an entertainment town to be a pro or a con for an emerging artist? 

Absolutely a PRO! Granted, Austin is still and up and coming town but the opportunities are endless if you look for them!! Austin is an amazing town and a launching pad!
What is the story behind Light It up? 

Light it Up is all about what lights you up inside. It's the party that doesn't quit! It's the after party and the party next day So we laid in down! I wrote the song with my friend Matt Parmenter, who just so happens to be amazingly talented,  and I brought in the Light it up all falsetto and we were like, "let's make this baby MOOOVE!" We laid most of it down that night and tore it up!

What performers do you think most closely resemble your on stage personality and performance style? 

People tell  me that I vacillate between Miranda Lambert, Pink, and to be honest I'm still developing so...who knows!

Where can we catch your next show?

My bi-yearly residency at Laguna BOB on South Padre Island is Sept 2-7th and I'll be in Houston for the Bayou Fem Fest on Sept 21st!! See you soon!

Anything else you would like to share with our readers? 

Everyday find joy and do whatever Lights you Up from within! If you're not happy, GO FIND IT!  ~ E

End of Interview

Written by Anne Hollister

We do music reviews for Independent Artists and Publicists.



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