Single Review: Bernadett "Redemption"

A wild mixture of dance meets classical, Bernadett’s fiery “Redemption” stuns with its intense energy. Impassioned playing rests at the very heart of the whole thing. Everything else revolves around Bernadett’s uncanny ability to conjure up spirits of truly remarkable composers. Quite a feat to balance the hyper-electronic elements alongside the acoustic, yet she does so with glee. Her chops are unparalleled for she pours her entire heart into the matter in a way that feels fully enthralling. Best of all the many layers shift and change allowing her a degree of freedom as she lets the sound evolve in unexpected, oftentimes theatrical ways.

The song starts up immediately in a fantastic series of flourishes for her playing becomes the focal point of the work. Her ability to navigate sound is enthralling. Beats work as a way to neatly buttress the sheer animalistic impulse of her playing. Layer upon layer gets brought into the mix in a way that swirls about in an almost shoegaze-like way. Everything about it has a great degree of dreaminess to it. So much yearning adorns the work for they hold absolutely nothing back. Over the course of the piece the buildup of the work seems to constantly rise up in a way that has a great degree of awe.

“Redemption” proves to be a truly unique piece, one that taps into the ancient while fusing it with the contemporary for Bernadett is a master of pitch-perfect arrangements.


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