Comedian and Video Producer and Director Jeff Hilliard Drops New Single and Video "Abandon"

Jeff Hilliard is the professional comedian, trained under the folks at Second City Conservatory in Los Angeles, and award-winning video producer and director, whose career started with the music video for the band Chevelle's song "I Get It," in 2009. That video was the fourth most played video that year. This led to him creating their next music video for their song "A Fad." This was where he learned to create videos and how he garnered his voice/brand.

"I started out as a fan then I became a comedian and always wanted to do funny songs and then I just started doing them one by one and then making a music video for each one," shares Jeff. His comedic style is satire, making fun of our society at large for the most part. His point of view is dark and twisted, but musically speaking, catchy and melodic.

Jeff isn't a trained singer or songwriter, but his music is not only funny, but memorable. You find yourself humming his songs on a whim. His newest single and accompanying video, "Abandon," is a satire on the gender "norms" of hook up culture. It's widely acknowledged that the men typically take charge and initiate hook up culture. In "Abandon," Jeff flips that and makes the woman in the video the innitiator and fills the shows of the male role. She walks up to Jeff's character and leaves him without a phone call or text when she's done. Not only that, but she's the married too. While you find Jeff's character to be creepy, dangerous, and stuck in the past (he still lives with his mother and clings to his glory days of 80's metal), you still kind of feel bad for him as he really thought he found love in this woman.

Not only is he making fun of the hook up culture, he's also making fun of the toxic masculinity and culture of the 80's metal scene. His character is a metal singer and singing a ballad, though instead of being tough, he's hung up and actually embodies the ballad style in a metal singer's musical style. 

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