Montreal Instrumental Trio Caméra Write Cinematographic Piece “Le Philtre”

Gorgeous from start to finish

Buried deep in Montreal’s lingering winters, a trio of musicians sat in a room together: Francois Jalbert the guitarist, composer and producer; Mélanie Bélair the violinist, arranger and composer; and Aurélien Tomasi the composer, arranger and performer, specializing in wind instruments. Together as Caméra, the trio spent time finding sounds, exploring bizarre ideas, but always seeking beauty. 

A philtre is a love potion for which Caméra’s song is named after; the music just as intoxicating and passionate. The musicians were inspired by the atmosphere of the French film Betty Blue, when the saxophonist wandered a coastal town. 


The music evokes sensuality and psychedelia in a playful tone, with a psychedelic turn of the piece after the first chorus.

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Emily Hinde

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