Singer/Songwriter Jason Shand - The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean)

Jason Shand tantalizes listeners with the title track from his upcoming sophomore album, The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean). With enriched vocals, lyrics that speak to the soul, and creeping opening chords Shand promises to take you on a deep journey. Shand effortlessly transmutes his pain into a moving song about the complexities of extricating yourself from an unhealthy relationship. Often times, we tolerate unhealthy relationships longer than we should because we are not ready for the fallout.


Although the subject matter is heavy, the song still draws you in with Shand’s stripped back vocals and willingness to dive into the depths of complex emotions. Shand leads us into the depths of the human experience with pondering chords that often edge on suspenseful. The melodies seem to sink lower and lower, giving the feeling that you are descending into an ethereal yet icy realm. Shand even sings, “Its a long way down” right before the beat rises, catapulting the song into a stylish fast paced pop song. Shand excels in providing levity as the lyrics get heavier. Right when you think the melody will return to its mesmerizing opening chords, Shand takes the bridge to a higher place.

Shand goes for a stripped back vocal performance rather than hiding his voice behind melodies. This accentuates his vocal range and the control he has over it. He knows when to hold it back and when to push his voice forward. Allowing every lyric to be heard and felt without the message getting lost. Shand also proves that his voice can survive the transition from a moodier tone to an uplifted one, it’s seamless. The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean) ebbs and flows as whole. Alleviating any darker feelings with the bittersweet endeavor of soul searching, one of the topics Shand explores on the album. 

Shand also proves himself as an artist through his honesty in this track. He often remarks that they both know that their relationship is coming to an end but both are unwilling to act. Its is this  raw honesty that seems to pierce the soul more than anything. The disappointment of seeing the flaws in someone else, the pain it causes the heart, is a universal experience whether it is with a lover, a friend, or a family member. Shand has provided us with a song that documents the rockiness of those relationships and the feelings that come with them.


The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean) seems to transcend the rock pop genre. Shand incorporates the catchy chords and melodies of alternative rock songs, with the powerful vocals often associated with pop singers or rockstars. Its clear that Shand had a vision of delivering a track that transports you to a familiar but profoundly powerful and emotional place. This comes as no surprise since Shand composed, wrote, and produced all the music on his upcoming album. Shand promises us a heartfelt deep dive into complexities connection that will move us emotionally and spiritually, with beats that speak to our souls. The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean) is set to be released on January 21st, 2022. Don’t miss it!

Anne Hollister

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Anne Hollister

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