JD Reynolds' Fairytale Video will take "A Little Piece of Your Heart"

JD Reynolds will take "A Little Piece of Your Heart" in her new music video. Fairytale cinematography brings Reynolds' latest Australian Country Radio #1 hit to life with the unfolding of a love story. A modern-day melding of "Suds in the Bucket" by Sara Evans and "She's in Love with the Boy" by Trisha Yearwood, "A Little Piece of Your Heart" shows the all-consuming passion of young love, whether rational or not. 

"We all dream about finding our forever person, doing life together in your own way in your own time. That is the essence of 'A Little Piece of Your Heart,'" describes the Aussie. "Young love that defies the odds, ignores outside noise and grows in love and life together, knowing from a young age that true love can lead the way and conquer all obstacles, finding true happiness, your way, together, forever." 

Though a love story for a fairytale, JD Reynolds is no damsel in distress. Not only has "A Little Piece of Your Heart" reached #1 for three weeks straight on Australian Country Radio, her previously released single "8 Seconds" was also a #1 hit. She also recently launched her Fan Club for her extensive fanbase in Australia, the US, and beyond. For more on JD Reynolds, visit www.jdreynoldsofficial.com and follow @jdreynoldsofficial on social media. 

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