Emerging genre-bending producer LdashD shares new single 'Don't Give Up'

Production connoisseur and excelling Graffiti artist LdashD has yet to reveal his identity. But not to worry, he returns with a new single, 'Don't Give Up,' that is guaranteed to uplift you with the sound of infectious DnB and pick-me-up lyrics. 

While keeping the features of his face under the covers, LdashD follows in the footsteps of more than the street artist Banksy. With the intention to pioneer the art of sound and music production, LdashD took the self-taught route. 

The new energetic 'Don't Give Up' showcases the last year's hunger for liberation and a good-old fun time. All written and produced in the pandemic, LdashD features infectious DnB elements and overall hypnotic beats to pull the listener in. Once you're hooked, L-D throws in anthemic forward-looking lyrics to elevate the energy even more. 

On top of his astonishing street artwork, LdashD gives fellow producers a run for their money. See for yourself. 


Penelope Parker

Penelope Parker

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