Sahffi Lynne Shares the Music Video for "Let the Healing Begin"

Sahffi Lynne (she/they) is an international medicine musician and vocal coach, offering their music, meditations, ceremonies, and teachings as medicine to illuminate our connection.

Sahffi just released the music video for their inspiring song "Let the Healing Begin," a sweet acoustic folk song from their album Pulse of Evolution. The song is about rising from the depths of pain and allowing the healing to take hold. The chorus refrain goes "This is where you find your true voice / Where you realize you have a choice / You can let the darkness win / Or you can let the healing begin."

The video depicts the many ways people heal. Sahffi is depicted writing and playing music, one person paints, and one dances. Each person grieves and heals differently and the video truly depicts this in an open and loving way. At the end, they are all together surrounded by people they love and connecting in a manner where you don't have to heal alone.

"Let the Healing Begin" came to Sahffi while on a solo spiritual medicine retreat (called a "Dieta") in Peru. "I often hear music in the wind, the trees, or the babbling of a stream, yet I've never had a song come through in this way. I woke up one morning with a voice telling me to get my pen and paper, I remember watching my hand as I was half asleep, it was writing on its own! Then I felt the strong sense to pick up my guitar, and as I read the words, the melody and chords just poured out of me. It was a message for me in this moment, I was quite lost in my life and this message filled me with such hope and love," shares Sahffi.

She cried tears of gratitude and release, later learning that when a song comes through you in a Dieta in this way, it is what's known as an "icaro," a medicine song, a song of healing for the community. As they've shared the song, it seems to speak to people in a powerful way, opening and connecting hearts in special and deep ways.

Sahffi’s channeled original music and spirit-inspired performances have taken her melodies around the world, from Peru to Zimbabwe. As a private vocal coach, Sahffi teaches those interested in deepening their relationship with their voice using their own "Vocal Ladder.” Their studio, “Vocalize Your Soul,” is open for in-person lessons at The Bohemian House in Ellicott City, Maryland. Sahffi also teaches voice lessons all over the world using Zoom.

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