Single Review: John Vento "Taxi"

John Vento is well known in the americana/roots music circle, and for good reason. The singer-songwriter is one of the best storytellers in the genre, and he delivers powerful music with every song he releases. Every release seems to outdo his last, and that’s why we’re excited to take a look at his latest single, an acoustic cover of the Harry Chapin classic named “Taxi”. So, let’s give it a closer look.

“Taxi” tells the tale of a taxi driver, going about his normal days at work as he meets different people, new and old. There’s a lot of depth within the tale of the characters in the song, as John reveals more and more layers to the story. It’s an excellent showing of just what he’s capable of.

As expected of John, his interpretation of Chapin's lyrics here, is simply impeccable. No matter where the story goes, the singer-songwriter manages to find some creative way to describe the moment. Moments of heartache are sprinkled throughout, giving the song an emotional edge that helps it become more memorable. He presents everything tastefully, and as a result “Taxi” achieves the intended effect it’s trying to reach every time.

Matching the grounded themes of the song, John’s delivery on “Taxi” is also some very good stuff. It’s by and far the strongest aspect of the tune. The singer’s voice is raw and powerful, while also remaining relaxed and calm. It also retains that special John Vento quality of sounding like someone telling you their life story, with a personal touch really giving the song a particular flavor.

Musically, “Taxi” is a very simple song comprised mostly of acoustic guitar. The tune is quite representative of John Vento as an artist, being mostly stripped down but still impactful and catchy. It helps maintain that personal aspect to the song that we highlighted earlier, as it keeps the song sounding like someone retelling tales of their past to you over his guitar.

John Vento delivers once again, and we’re in awe of the sheer quality that he’s managed to present in his latest single. As always, we simply can’t wait for what other enthralling and interesting works he has down the road...

-Jason Airy

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