Alpha Pegasi Releases His New Upbeat Pop Rock Single "A New Sensation"

He Brings the California Vibe to Catchy Song

Mitch Melodia, artistically known as Alpha Pegasi, has a unique pop rock sound that's not like the nostalgic sound of the 90's or early 2000's. His music has more of a contemporary feeling, blending the sounds of Tame Impala and David Bowie with The Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers into a cohesive concoction of danceablity and upbeat grooves.

Alpha Pegosi just released his new single "A New Sensation." It has a heavy Beach Boys-like pop sound with a hint of The Beatles in the overall structure. The electric guitar guides the melody and harmonizes with his vocals beautifully. It's upbeat and catchy with a Gratfeul Dead like guitar solo to close out the song.

"A New Sensation" is a hello to the city of San Diego, where Alpha Pegasi is based, and how exited he was to move there. This is, afterall, where he became Alpha Pegasi after performing in many festivals and shows in New England. "Full of hope and upbeat energy for my move out to Southern California, I tried to capture a couple things here," shares Alpha Pegasi. "One, the bliss and beauty of one of my first trips out there and two, painting a really really positive picture of what I'd like many of my days and nights to look like out there."

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Beyond his music, Alpha Pegasi is a big mental health advocate. He aims to work with non-profits and health-based organizations. A main financial focus for him is to donate 5% of all profits to groups like San Diego EarthWorks. He aspires to use his music and art as a vehicle to support environmental and health-improving causes, including mental-health practices.

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