Drew Ryder Smith "Don't Wake Me Up"

Drew Ryder Smith writes the perfect track for a rainy day, "Don't Wake Me Up." When your heart is in the dumps and you're all up in your feels, "Don't Wake Me Up" serves for those mornings when you, in fact, just don't want to wake up. Dreams can become a retreat when reality is disparaging, and Drew depicts this feeling perfectly. 

"I like the idea in this song that the dream is not the nightmare; waking up from the dream is the nightmare," says the award-winning songwriter, responsible for tracks by Randy Houser, John Schneider and more. "Sometimes there are places in a person's past that they want to live again - even if for a moment.  And if you get that quiet moment to think about that place, most people can relate to not wanting that to be interrupted.  This song is about that."

Smith uses delicate yet complex language to make contact with people's emotions. "Don't Wake Me Up" highlights the struggles of a relationship and not wanting to come to terms with the end. Smith wishes to be hidden from the sun and pull the blinds down, attempting to mask the tribulations he faces. 

Co-written by Rick Huckabee and Jared Wade, this sad song shines bright among others. It is emotional and sentimental, depressive yet beautiful. 

Listen to "Don't Wake Me Up" now: https://youtu.be/dEatt27K0nE 

"Don't Wake Me Up" is available now on all streaming platforms. You can learn more about Smith at his website www.drewrydersmith.com and on social media @drewrydersmith.
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