Night Wilds' Enchanting "Heartland" Release: Sibling Bonds and Childhood Magic from "All That Should Have Been" Album

Night Wilds "Heartland"

Night Wilds have released their new single “Heartland”, which is out today!

This is another excellent single release from their full length, 17 track rock opera album “All That Should Have Been”. 

“Heartland” serves as both a story and a song, with a melody that honors the enchantment and grace of childhood. The music becomes a narrative, which explores the profound bond between siblings and the concept of perceiving the world with the pure, untainted eyes of youth. 

Eloquent and expressive, the song brings more to the story about the love he has for his sibling who he grew up with, and the experience they shared. 

It is a song about how we survive by coming together, even as young kids, but especially as young kids. Growing up in wild open spaces, wandering, exploring and imagining oneself as a warrior, magician or adventurer. “Heartland” covers the time from being quite small and growing up. 

As the song builds, there is a strong and resolute chorus which reflects the storyline of the two children growing up and sharing challenges together. 

Night Wilds’ debut album “All That Should Have Been” is at times dark, expressive and theatrically entertaining. It has been described as an “immersive concept album that cloaks autobiography in fantastical fiction”, and includes 17 songs in a rock opera format which chronicles the story of a young boy who is trapped in a cruel circus. 

The album reflects the deeply personal struggles of lead singer-songwriter Seth: 

"Heartland was written to celebrate the beauty and wonder of childhood and specifically my brother and the wild adventures we had growing up in the country. It is meant to honor that there is and was beauty even in the midst of pain or suffering and that beauty and those connections are not lost when we go through difficulty. It's easy sometimes to look backwards and see only darkness and miss that life was never made only of dark and light but of both and Heartland is this awakening in the album where the protagonist in the story finds this solace before certain things happened when there was peace and beauty still very much alive in these young childhoods. The song is marked at the beginning with a shadow and a very specific memory that haunts the song a bit as it was never simply joy, but my sense is that haunting gives it the more powerful beauty in the remembering than otherwise which has been my story for sure." 

“Heartland” is another memorable track from this unique, progressive rock album. “All That Should Have Been” was tracked at Robert Lang Studios (Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Foo Fighters), London Bridge Studios and Electrokitty Studios (U2, Dave Matthews). The album was co-produced and mixed by engineer Tom Hall, and longtime Heart drummer Ben Smith.

Listen to the new single “Heartland” here.

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