Different Moon Releases “Second Chance”

Stunningly melodic, compositionally elaborate, and yet not removed from a traditional pop simplicity, there’s no need for debating whether or not the vocals are the best part of Different Moon’s “Second Chance.” Rather than trying to be fanciful in their latest work, Different Moon is stepping back the level of ambition they showed in their last couple of singles in favor of employing a more harmony-centric sound for this all-new single.

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Ironically enough, their decision yields what could be one of the more robust and stirring performances they’ve produced together in the studio thus far, coupling the best parts of their adult contemporary sound with just the right amount of soft rock-inspired rhythm to get us vibing with the music right from the jump. This is an act that doesn’t require a lifelong love of A/C to appreciate, but for those who do, theirs is a truly awesome sound.  

The chorus in “Second Chance” isn’t the only source of catharsis in this track; in fact, quite the contrary is true. There’s already such a sense of freedom and unburdened exploration as we wander through the opening verses beside the lead vocals, their tone indicating a lust for the unknown only surpassed by the warmth of the epic string arrangement in the background. We never run into any melodic walls or ridiculous spots of filler that keep us from getting to the guts of the song; truth be told, there’s such a strong fluidity to this performance that I would recommend Different Moon going with more of a cerebral setup from here on out.  

I will say that I would have liked just a bit more muscle out of the percussion than what we’re ultimately offered in the latter half of “Second Chance,” but I also can’t say that I don’t enjoy the moderate sway of the beat in this version of the song, either. Different Moon are just so remarkably good at weaving together fragility with just the right amount of melodic moxie, and in this case, it compensates for the very notion of any element here being too conservative in stylization. This isn’t an amateur act at all, and if any were arguing over that point before this single’s release, there certainly won’t be now.  

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Expanding their catalog quite exponentially while continuously demonstrating the sort of growth that most acts would have a hard time mustering even after eight years together, Different Moon is showing me just how ready they are to take on international stardom in “Second Chance.” This is a big-league single that breathes vitality in every avenue of its expressiveness, and despite the popular perception of adult contemporary’s indie artistry narrowing its core aesthetics in the 2020s, a crossover like this proves quite the opposite. I doubt “Second Chance” will be the last hit this pair releases in their career together, but for the time being I would personally rank it as their best piece of material to thus far find its way to curious listeners in the underground and beyond. 

Anne Hollister

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Anne Hollister

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