Jeanluc & Co. Launch Millennial Focused Fashion Line

There is a new player in the fashion industry. JeanLuc & Co, while only local to Texas at present, is making a big splash. Their website has increased traffic by 8,764% since opening two months ago. With visitors from Poland, Ireland, and France, the streetwear fashion apparel company started by the 23-year-old college graduate JeanLuc Parker is poised to do great things given its focus and vision. “Our mission is to provide a brand that inspires our consumers to not only have the best quality clothing,” said Jean Luc Parker, CEO, and Founder, “but to elevate themselves to achieve whatever they put their mind to.”


JeanLuc & Co’s clothing styles are targeted toward the up-and-coming millennial demographic with a slight undertone that appeals to generation X shoppers as well. You can see from the bold lines and impeccable quality that the clothing and platform take on an entrepreneurial, rebellious and free-spirited mindset that shapes the millennial culture and stitched it into the brand. Their first collection blends streetwear and casual fashions and fuses the two styles effortlessly to give consumers the ability to wear the clothing in any setting.


“I had several inspirations; Rhude, Daniel Patrick, the Billionaire Boys Club, Karl Kani to name a few,” said Parker. “I want my company to bring an offshoot of that style, quality, and singularity to everything we do.”


I also sat down with Jean Luc Parker to ask three questions that are on our readers minds.


Q: Why did you start your company?
Answer: Well just like any millennial nowadays I felt compelled to start something of my own that can benefit multiple people in many ways. I can do what I love, create, under a platform that helps others showcase their creations and unique talents all at the same time! It is indeed a win-win for me. I wanted JeanLuc & Co to be a brand that enables anyone who rocks with us to bring out their entrepreneur self and confidence to live their best life. I feel as though I am achieving just that!


Q: What are your plans for the future of your company?
Answer: The team here has envisioned JeanLuc & Co in the next five years in the conversation with the people who inspired us. With an unorthodox approach to the whole fashion clothing startup, I fill that we can become a permeant force and relevant clothing brand sooner than five years. Immediate future looks like new summer and fall collections as well as a few more events to showcase talent!


Q: Any advice for others?
Answer: Yes, don’t be afraid to go after your dreams! Many people are comfortable with a standard life yet just because its convenient and easy doesn’t make it the right life for you. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone to achieve what is rightfully yours. Success! Complacency is a death sentence.


With Mr. Parker’s understanding of his market, vision, and attention to quality, he is poised to create a clothing line and platform that enables himself and other individuals to achieve success. Check out the company at you will be glad you did.


Facebook: JeanLuc & Co



Creig Kincade
Fashion Analyst
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