Bryan Banks Reveals Intricate New Single

We're hooked!

Bryan Banks has been taking influence from music from every corner, ranging from metal, rock, R&B, Country, and everything in between. He’s unique and unexpected because you never know what he’s going to give you next. His newest single “The Less You Know” is no different.

With a voice like Stevie Wonder and music like Johnny Cash, “The Less You Know” is an acoustic piece of the lifecycle of a relationship. It’s about how we find it hard to open ourselves up to someone to finally trusting and allowing ourselves to feel loved to the possible end when we feel broken and that we could never do this again. He sings “The less you know of me the less it will hurt” with his sultry voice, painting an all too familiar picture of the fear of trusting another enough to feel that love again. 

The song opens immediately with Bryan singing accompanied by the acoustic guitar in minor key. It’s unexpected, yet welcome, as if mirroring what it’s like to feel all the emotions in a relationship; it’s sudden and sweeps over you at any given time. Throughout the song, the keys slowly become major, as if to say that eventually, the pain subsides and you feel like you can do it again. He’s saying that you learn from the past and heal over time so the next will be better.

Bryan is a poet with music. His ability to tell a story with music is cinematic. He can bring up emotions inside us we didn’t know we had, bubbling underneath the surface. He uses music as a tool for us to look inside ourselves, but also at each other because at the end of the day, we are not alone. You can listen to “The Less You Know” on Spotify now.


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