Mercvrial Opens Up About Their Plans for 2022

“Brief Algorithms” is out 4/29

Mercvrial’s debut LP “Brief Algorithms” is set for release at the end of this month. The sophomore EP for the band, “Brief Algorithms,” represent a modest stylistic departure for Mercvrial, as they wanted the new release to be ‘hustle more’ and be a ‘bit heavier in spots.’ Mission accomplished. With their new sound Mercvrial delivers a brisk, energetic mix of indie rock, punk and shoe gaze that gives off ultra-cool-lo-f vibes.

In addition to 8 original compositions, “Brief Algorithms” includes two unconventional covers of Pink Floyd’s “Matilda Mother,” and Ultravox’ “Hiroshima Mon Amour,” as well as re-imagining Ride’s “Jump Jet/Dub Jet(Waiting on a Miracle)” on the digital release.

Frontman David’s lyrics are sometimes frank, often laced with dark humor, and paint a picture of a songwriter grappling with the unknown. “I suppose every song I write is in some way about the wonderment, loneliness, and absurdity of being a human on a big rock hurtling through an ocean of stars; if that’s not sufficiently pretentious, I can’t help you.”

Mercvrial’s “Brief Algorithms” is due out April 29, 2022 via Crafting Room Records. We caught up with the band to chat about their 2022 endeavors.



With your new single "Be That Someone" when writing the new track overall, what was your inspiration behind it? What drives you musically?

From a lyrical perspective, the song is about social media obsession and how empty and pointless it is on a personal level.  It’s one thing, of course, to use social media to stay in touch with friends or to help build a business or, for that matter, reach out to fans if you’re a musician, artist, etc.  Generally speaking, social media is fine so long as the user doesn’t have unhealthy or unrealistic expectations from it.  But that so many people obsess over their “popularity” as viewed through the lens of followers, likes, etc… is a sad commentary on the state of things.The only thing that drives us musically is the desire to write a good song.  Commercial success is a bit of a pipe dream, so we embrace the notion that finishing a song that we’re really happy with is its own reward.  

When creating and penning your latest song, what artists or influences did you channel?

The music for “Be That Someone” was largely written by Archie Sagers who also runs Crafting Room Recordings, the label that will be releasing “Brief Algorithms,” the full-length LP from which “Be That Someone” is the first single.  I added the vocal melody and lyrics.  Archie would say the song is influenced by The Cure and DIIV, among others, with which I’d agree.  In a general sense, I don’t think mercvrial are particularly influenced by either of those groups but in this particular case, because of Archie’s involvement, I can definitely hear it.  I think the vocals have an almost early-Police feel to them, albeit without Sting’s alto range.You seem to be very hands on in the process of your music and songwriting which is GREAT! Can you walk us through the process for the latest single? As noted previously, Archie Sagers wrote the music for this song and his version had a different vocal melody and lyrics.  We rearranged his version a bit, re-recorded it, and I added my own vocal melody and lyrics.  Terry Bickers (House of Love/Levitation) added his guitar parts last.  Because the band members all live in different cities we send WAV files back and forth via the internet until the song is finished.  All thanks to the wonders of modern technology.

When you have a concept for a song, how do you execute it? What comes first? 

We start with the music – generally a riff and some chord changes – and record some basic tracks.  Next either I or Ricardo work out a vocal melody and lyrics.  Then we arrange those basic tracks into a song based on how the vocals will fit in.  Then we record the vocals and, finally, finish the instrumentation.   

With the new music in tow, how does the song differ from your prior work? Or does it feed into a new realm for you as an artist?

The overall sonic signature is similar to our prior work.  But this song drives more than the songs on “The Stars Like Dust,” our debut EP.  It hustles along a bit more.  Also, unlike the songs on the EP, “Be That Someone” benefits from additional guitar work from Terry Bickers.  Terry’s work added another dimension of atmosphere to the song.

With things opening up a little bit now, does the band have any upcoming live shows at the moment?

We don’t.  From a practical standpoint it would be difficult for us to play live seeing as we all live in different cities.  This doesn’t present any issues where recording is concerned as a result of technology.  But playing live might be a bridge too far.

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