Richard Lynch Is Confident On His Latest "Radio Friend" (Review)

A confidence rides through on the faith-based furor of Richard Lynch’s “Radio Friend”. So soulful, the western twang has a simple beauty to it. By far the highlight comes from his deep, resonant voice. With close similarities to Kurt Wagner’s gentle croon, everything about it has a stately presence to it. Geography is key for the song seems to be a communal celebration. The calmness of the work means the sound virtually washes over the listener. Nostalgic to a degree there is a yellowed hue to much of the arrangement. Over the course of the work, he describes the past, present, and future of an entire person’s life, doing so in a dreamy respectful fashion.

This is a quiet piece, a small celebration of sorts. By making sure to have the track nearly whisper at times the piece conveys a sense of awe. For his approach he balances the few elements with the utmost of care. Slide guitar works to conjure up a whole topography. Quite a layered approach, he keeps it rather light regardless. Evolution of the sound is done in a way that feels ancient, highly wise and respectful. A certain cyclical quality runs through the piece for he makes sure that it all comes together into vibrant blooms of color for the finale. Much like the rest of the work the last stretch of the piece has a reflective element about it.

“Radio Friend” features Richard Lynch’s undeniably lush storytelling abilities.


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