Ámaris' Latest Single Embraces New Beginnings

London based recording artist and producer Ámaris Wen has released her new electro pop single, “Been Doing This”. 

Ámaris blends genres with a unique futuristic sound. Her latest track is both avant garde soul with R&B beats mixed in, and thoughtful lyrics about letting go. 

“'Been Doing This' is about new beginnings, but in a good way. The song is about letting things go that no longer work and moving on to something new that is already waiting for you.” 

“Been Doing This” has a distinctive beat throughout, and a humming synth pop melody. With influences such as M.I.A. and Pendulum, Ámaris has been compared to the likes of female artists Goldfrapp, Paramore, and Halsey. 

Listen here:

She has worked previously as a playlist manager for major record labels before releasing her first synth pop album “Neon Colours”, which received critical acclaim. 

Outside of her music, Ámaris is working on her music documentary entitled “On Tape” about female and non-binary music producers answering questions about their life and work. This is a short form documentary in collaboration with LA based Maria Corso of female owned production company Two Foot Five Productions. 

This project will feature interviews with artists such as Ámaris Wen, Nefertiti Gold, NAGYEDi, JanetB and Gothic Queen amongst others. 

Stay current with Ámaris Wen on her website, and social media channels Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

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