Ámaris Delivers on "Time Traveler"

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Amaris’ release “Time Traveler” is a synthpop sensation. With a slow and rhythmic tempo that compliments her R&B vocals, Amaris brings her audience into a futuristic world of her own creation. Her unique sound defies barries and generates a cross-genre audio experience for the ages. On the edge of electronica and retro, “Time Travler” is just that for the music genres it pulls from. 

A soft and quietly toned song, “Time Traveler” creates a calming effect Amaris’ listeners will feel mirrors that of futuristic time travel. In her uniquely entrancing style, Amaris has come to trademark her own kind of music fans of all genres will enjoy. Lower vocals pair well with the drum-heavy beat, and together create a sound not unlike the R&B singers of the modern age. 

Known for her unconventional style and genre blending habits, it is no surprise that Amaris has released “Time Traveler” with the same rare aesthetic she sports in the rest of her releases. With past songs well-received by critics, “Time Travler” will soon rise to the top of its own charts as well. There is no question that this hope will come to pass much to the enthusiasm of Amaris’ fans. 

As in her other releases, higher vocals dance along the song in melodic harmy to create the entrancing sound Amaris is internationally known for. A professionally trained artist, actor, and producer, Amaris catches attention and keeps it on her dreamy synth creations. An artist to keep an eye on, Amaris will stun with her top release “Time Traveler”. 







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