Ajay Mathur Releases “Common Mistake”

The buoyant beat that we discover upon pressing play on the new single from alternative pop/rock singer Ajay Mathur, “Common Mistake,” is indeed one of the more potent elements that the song has in store for listeners this February, but it’s hardly the star of this show. That title belongs to the lush lead vocal that Mathur contributes to the mix; gilded inside of harmony with the other melodic instruments in the track, there’s a glow to the voice leading our way in this single that you won’t soon forget. “Common Mistake” isn’t the only pop song that you should be spinning this winter, but among those that are coming from an independent source, it’s easily one of my personal favorites.

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Ajay Mathur’s vocal attack is, for all intents and purposes, rather minimalistic, but it almost makes his words even more powerful than they already would have been. By contrasting a strong verse with a subtle execution, he’s getting a lot of additional mileage out of the melodies in this song than some of his contemporaries would have been able to, but I don’t think flexing performance muscle was his sole prerogative when making “Common Mistake.” Mathur sounds passionate around every turn in this track, leading me to believe that he’s being a lot more personal with us here than some would initially believe he could be. He isn’t flirting with emo elements in this single, but he isn’t rejecting them completely, either.

The hook in “Common Mistake” is smart, simple, and to the point, much as all pop climaxes really ought to be. In my opinion, the arrangement of the beats is probably what sets the content apart from that of the mainstream this season more than anything else does. Mathur wasn’t trying to overload our senses with any external narratives in his lyrics here; there’s nothing politicized nor understated in the poetic comprisal of what we’re seeing in this release, and by and large, the melody is always the most endearing component of any perceived ribbonry in the track we’re witnessing come to life. Commercially-bankrolled artists might need more when they’re making similarly-stylized material on their own, but Ajay Mathur is one player that doesn’t need a lot of synthetic assistance to look and sound focused.

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I just got into the music of this talented artist after checking out this most recent release from his camp, but I like what I hear in “Common Mistake.” There’s so much definition to both the instrumentation and the vocal in this song, and if you’re as much of a pop fan as I am, you know how rare that’s becoming in the pool of new singles making their way to the forefront of streaming sites these days. Mathur has a humanizing quality that a lot of other pop artists just don’t have, no matter how much they try to practice it into existence, and I’m really hoping to hear and see where it takes his sound and artistic drive in the next few years.

Anne Hollister

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