LIVE REVIEW: NADIA Lights Up Paper Dress Vintage with Dance-Pop Mastery

Hailed as one of the hottest rising stars in dance-pop, Belfast singer-songwriter NADIA performed an electrifying set at Paper Dress Vintage, London supporting D3Lta. Having solidified her knack for catchy, hook-infused choruses, introspective lyricism and emotive neo-soul, the singer-songwriter’s passionate sound could finally be witnessed in action. 


Breathing new life into her seductive style, NADIA embodied the rhythmic essence of her recent releases exquisitely. Beginning with melodic triumphs ‘Push The Button’ and ‘Buzz’, the dance-pop powerhouse immediately captured the attention of a brewing crowd. As audience members danced and cheered along to her anthemic set, it’s no doubt NADIA has already received an influx of new fans. 


NADIA’s music proves to be an exhilarating experience, latching onto the nostalgia of 90s club music whilst delivering a refreshing twist on modern electronica. Ultimately, the singer’s unwavering vocal delivery carries the performance on its back, diverting between delicate and monumental dynamics. Throughout, the artist showcased genuine enjoyment, grinning from ear to ear as she received a delightful response. 


NADIA demonstrated a range of illustrious soundscapes with each single, powerfully calling out from the heart in every memorable chorus. Previous singles ‘Remedy’, ‘Figure it Out’ and ‘Every Step’ formed to construct a salacious rhythmic experience, colouring impactful lyrics with trance-inducing sound effects and fascinating synth melodies. As her signature voice weaves between soaring instrumental moments, NADIA displays just as much potency live as on record. 


To my delight, NADIA exclusively performed her unreleased hits ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and ‘Freedom’. ‘Catch Me If You Can’ conveyed nostalgic elements reminiscent of ‘Push The Button’, whilst set-closer ‘Freedom’ carried the audience into a hypnotic sonic whirlwind, revealing the mystical aspects of her sound. 


The debut of NADIA as an expressive, strong performer was beyond impressive. As the singer-songwriter continues to take the pop landscape by storm, she is destined to win over more live crowds in equal measure. 


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