Career Boy Reveals Indie-Punk New Video + Single for "Scam Jam"

Let's get schooled....

Influenced by artists such as Sleaford Mods, Dry Cleaning, Fontaines D.C., Shopping, Viagra Boys and Bodega to name a few, the group brings to life a unique vision and sound that is strongly their own. 
Thematically your ears will find some parallels between the group and seasoned acts such as the Beastie Boys and Cake. Tonally, they will remind you of more contemporary bands like Bodega, Beastie Boys and Viagra BoysCareer Boy's sound is driving and sweaty; imagine yourself in a mosh pit on a tiny venue in the Lower East Side of Manhattan with the adrenaline rush of a late Friday night. Their music is both self-aware and light-hearted bringing in the best of both worlds. 
When it comes to the lyrical inspiration for their songs, it's often based on their rejection of what they see as the "traditional job-oriented approach to life" that the modern-day U.S. prescribes. Overall their musical philosophy is grounded in the belief that less is more. "The songs are written with a focus on drums and bass with guitar coming in mostly as an accent. The goal of the instrumentation is to take traditional rock tropes (guitar riffs, excessive soloing, etc.) and either remove them completely or use them ironically, usually to underline a thematic or lyrical point within the song," shares the group.
Career Boy's sound came about because the group wanted to express specific feelings about society and the way they were living their lives. This goal helped to form their instrumentation and songwriting. From there they were able to really hone in on what they wanted their music to sound like....and you'll be eager to hear more.
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