stardrop Inspires Female Empowerment with Debut Pop EP ‘I Feel Everything’

feat. Resilient Track “Tiger”

Indie pop artist stardrop is a creative force from Thunder Bay, ON. She partnered with Tennyson King and Dan Hosh to produce her debut EP, I Feel Everything, which showcases catchy, soulful self-love anthems that celebrate femininity, authenticity, and resilience.


Fueled by big feelings, stardrop is using the power of music to rewrite her narrative and explore a new way of existing in the world. “After many years of feeling completely disconnected from myself and my self-worth, I was ready to claim my own space in this world,” she elaborates. “It was a real ‘fake it til to make it’ type of thing, or rather, ‘sing it til you believe it.’”


The lyrics for focus track “Tiger” poured out of her like magic, at a time she longed for the strength and courage to feel powerful and begin to heal. The tiger represents the instinctive animal laying dormant inside, ready to protect us when needed.

In collaboration with cinematographer Scott MacKay, the “Tiger” music video explores the effects trauma has on the ability to be present. It demonstrates an out-of-body experience by creatively distorting reality in different ways.

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Emily Hinde

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