Denise Marsa releases atmospheric new single ‘Kiss Me In The Rain’ ahead of upcoming album ‘PIVOTAL’

Denise Marsa’s latest single, ‘Kiss Me In The Rain’, is an absolute revelation. Released on March 22nd, this encompassing track offers a dynamic rendition of atmospheric electronica. Enchanting as it is addictive, the self-taught keyboardist and producer has made a triumphant return, reaching the top of her game. 


It’s not just the music that leaves behind a last impression; the accompanying music video elevates the experience to a explosive new level. The third part of Marsa’s celebrated series ‘The Cowgirl & The Alien’, the animation is a visual masterpiece that perfectly compliments the lovelorn passion of ‘Kiss Me In The Rain’. Deciphered by ethereal imagery and en engaging sci-fi theme, it invites listeners into her explorative depth and lyrical integrity. 


Denise Marsa’s unique approach to music has always set her apart, and her latest offering serves as no exception. Produced in collaboration with esteemed talents such as Janosch Roth, Anna Paulin, Viktor Becker of Lautstumm Studios, and renowned British guitarist Paul A. Harvey, ‘PIVOTAL’ is poised to revolutionize the dance-pop landscape. 


‘Kiss Me In The Rain’ is a mere glimpse into what promises to be an unforgettable album. Get ready to be swept away by the innovative PIVOTAL, out June 14th. 


Listen to Kiss Me In The Rain

Watch the video 'Cowgirl & The Alien'


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