Star Goes Nova Unveils Gorgeous New Single

We're hooked!

Southern California-based sound engineer Christine Law, also known as Star Goes Nova, has released her newest fantasy dubstep single, “The Apprentice”. This multi-instrumentalist is able to create music that feels like it’s from another world. She is able to combine her beautiful vocals, dubstep rhythm tracks, and her 115 year old piano to create something magical. The song itself is about a person’s journey to become a powerful wizard, a story that matches the instrumentation of the song perfectly. Law was able to shed the version of herself in music and burst back into the scene as Star Goes Nova, and we are so happy that she is staying true to herself and burning as bright as she can.

The beginning of the song, which seems to give modern Bon Jovi “Wanted Dead or Alive” energy with its mysterious feeling and beautiful piano and guitar duet. It then transitions into Star Goes Nova’s mesmerizing vocals that talk about feeling the magic within oneself. I think the power of this song is that even though the song is about becoming a mythical being, it can still be applied to real life. People can listen to “The Apprentice” and feel motivated to follow the dreams that they have when it comes to success. Star Goes Nova is able to use her neoclassical influence to create a beautiful story with so much metaphorical meaning. It is truly an inspiration.

Make sure to download “The Apprentice” and look out for what Star Goes Nova creates next! I know I will be.

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