Vicky von Vicky Announce ‘Broken Chairs’ EP with Alt Rock Single “Freak Me Out”

from the Forthcoming EP, Broken Chairs

Vicky von Vicky delves into themes of love, loss, and life experiences, expressing themselves with candidness, vulnerability and a big serving of humour. Their distinctive sound draws inspiration from punk, grunge, classic rock, as well as soul and hip-hop.

Following the release of two albums in 1998 (self-titled) and 2000 (Farmers & Artists), the band took a hiatus in 2001. The band reunited in 2019, and now they are eager to unveil their Broken Chairs EP on June 14th.


They offer a taste with the new alt rock single, “Freak Me Out,” which follows a person through a traumatic event as they begin to feel the effects of it.

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