Kristen Rae Bowden Releases the Video for Her Indie Pop Single "Hard to Love"

This Valentine's Day, indie pop artist Kristen Rae Bowden released the video for her indie pop and synth pop single "Hard to Love."

"Hard to Love" is about the fear of intamacy, especially after a heartbreak. It ponders the question: “Can you restart a heart”? The interesting part is that the lyrics never answer this question.

"When I wrote it, I didn’t know what the answer would be for myself. It’s an old question that many have asked, 'Will I lose or win if I try to love again?' 'Do you believe in life after love?' And hundreds, probably thousands more," Kristen reveals. "It isn’t the kind of question with an answer; it’s a question that indicates a choice. But there is hope in the music of the song, and the title isn’t 'Impossible to Love.' 'Eventually it seems to get hard to love.' And you have to really try to open yourself back up to vulnerability."

The video depicts this question beautifully with mesmorizing graphics and the pink x-ray style. The heart is pumping until it takes the form of a woman and Kristen herself is never 100% clear (visually speaking). When the heart takes shape of a women, she break out of the heart, almost bringing in the theme of the heart versus the brain, logic versus feeling. Once the heart breaks, the brain takes over. 

The catharsis in her music is physically evident in her piano playing, and her emotive and dynamic vocals. Kristen plays the piano like she’s mad at it; her full body pulsates with rhythm as she attacks the instrument. Her vocals sweep upward from richly expressive lower-register belting to a soaring angelic soprano. Her phrasing swaggers with mama lion toughness, playful sass, and sweet sincerity.  

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