Niki J. Borger – Making A Name In Hollywood

It’s challenging at best to conquer the Hollywood acting industry as a Native American born and raised in the states, but for someone like German-born Niki J. Borger it’s got to be twice as tough. And yet she is managing just fine as an award-winning actor, director, producer, film maker and screenwriter. 

The pretty blonde, blue-eyed actress looks innocent enough and even slightly vulnerable but when it comes to producing movies you can be assured that she is full of confidence and talent. Born and raised in the German countryside she moved to the US in 2018 to pursue her passion of a career in the Hollywood entertainment industry. And she did exactly that.

“As a cosmopolitan, I believe that we live in one world, and then every living being has a unique purpose within it. Through my work, and how I live, I want to inspire others, I want to show that so much more is possible than some might think. For everybody.”….Niki J Borger

And possible it is and was for Niki who has already won several awards, including her shorts “Because I Could” and “A Portrait Of A Subtle Suicide.” Niki is also co-founder of FireWolf Entertainment, a production company based in Oklahoma and Burbank, California, that specializes in telling compelling stories in the fantasy and actions genre similar to Game of Thrones, or the Marvel cinematic universe. The cool thing about the company is that they produce characters and stories that are a lot more authentic and relatable than most of the films in that genre. Although some of the story lines appear to be dark, they do segue into an uplifting and inspiring outcome.

Niki J. Borger has just been cast in the new streaming series “NFTease.” She will be playing nerdy college graduate Kelly Schwartz in the show.

Logline: Three founders of an NFT startup company have one last chance to get their business going- by collaborating with an unlikely group of "Content Creators". Their worlds could not be more different, but somehow, they find unison in a common goal: Making Money. 

“NFTease” is being produced by LIF (Legacy Inspired Films) whose mission is to revolutionize film and television. As the first ever crypto funded film studio, they empower fans to invest and truly take part in its cinematic experience from start to finish.

Niki loves positivity. She hots the personal breakthrough podcast “Unlimited Yourself” where, each week along with expert guests, the show aims that inspiring viewers to create positive changes in their lives.

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