Psychedelic Rock Band Acid Tongue, Release ‘Acid On The Dancefloor’

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Acid Tongue is an American garage band heavily influenced by classic soul, punk and psychedelic rock. Formed in a damp Seattle basement in 2015, the band immediately hit the road, extensively touring the US & Europe and refining their unique brand of rock & roll. Consisting of a core duo—singer/songwriter Guy Keltner & drummer/vocalist Ian Cunningham—the band also includes numerous touring & studio musicians scattered between Paris, New York, London, Mexico City, & Los Angeles, with a rotating roster that seems to grow larger by the day.


Their focus track “Hollywood Ending” from new record, Acid On The Dancefloor, is inspired by Guy Keltner’s return to his childhood hometown, Los Angeles. The L.A. landscape and culture is so easily romanticized, yet there is also a loneliness and emptiness to the city that is inspiring. While writing these lyrics, Keltner was dealing with some pretty significant losses in his life. As we start to age, it’s really common to watch our dreams get broken, and we start to face our mortality. Some people truly expect a “Hollywood Ending” and are met with serious disappointment when they enter their 30s. This is a love song for all of those disenchanted children.

The whole record, Acid On The Dancefloor, is Acid Tongue’s childish take on adulthood. It’s about that moment of clarity you can find in the middle of a heavy trip. Each song is a different episode from a crisis, another reality check on the road to adulthood. In the last few years, lead songwriter Guy Keltner faced serious issues with drugs, alcohol, romance, family and friends. He developed a concept album around these various chapters in his life. It’s also about seeing the world for what it truly is as we age.

“These days, I am savoring the moment,” says songwriter Guy Keltner. “This song really exemplifies the peak of a confusing time in my life. I was seeking purpose and not finding it. I hope it can give comfort to people experiencing the same dull pain that comes with adulthood.”

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